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Ford Launches a Chassis Cab Ranger Pickup Truck in Europe


The Ranger’s naked chassis is intended for construction, utilities, forestry, and rescue operators. Ford’s pick-up trucks have been the pinnacle of utilitarian forms of transportation, capable of doing almost anything, from hauling heavy loads to crossing dunes in dirt rallies. The number of variants Ford offers in its pickup range …

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Cabana Lets You Rent Luxurious Hotel Rooms on Wheels


Cabana is redefining the van life with its fleet of luxurious custom-made mobile hotel rooms. According to Scott Kuby, Cabana’s Founder and CEO, the company aims to extend its posh trailer experience to customers who want to explore the brisk outdoors while enjoying the comfort of a hotel room. Cabana …

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Cadillac Slapped Wrong Badges on 1,000 CT4’s

2020 Cadillac CT4 premium

Cadillac shipped 1,114 CT4 Premium Luxury models with 450T badges, although they should’ve had the 500T emblem on the trunk. If you thought Cadillac’s scheme of putting torque figures instead of displacement on the badges is confusing, you’re not alone. Cadillac employees experienced the same when they built and shipped …

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