10 Best Dirt Bike, ATV and UTV Trails

10 Best UTV, ATV and Dirt Bike Trails in the US | Off-Roading Encyclopedia

Are you looking for a challenging dirt bike trail or an ATV park near you that will test your capabilities? Being capable of tackling almost any terrains, these vehicles will give you the ability to go practically anywhere. However, choosing a location offering the right blend of riding experience and stunning landscapes is key.

To help you find the right trail or park for your perfect weekend getaway with family and friends, here are the best dirt bike, ATV, and UTV trails in the US, including different terrain and landscape but also different difficulty levels to accommodate a wide range of drivers.

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• Sawtooth National Forest, ID
• Northern Maine Trail Systems, ME
• Paiute ATV Trail System, Central UT
• Black Hills National Forest, SD & WY
• Oceano Dunes, CA

Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Located just off the South Fork Boise River, Baumgartner Trails offer a wide range of trails for all sorts of vehicles. Being moderate and with almost no tricky sections, most ATV tracks are suitable for riders with average skills. However, consider the overall dimensions of your ATV, as most of them have a width limitation.

Dirt bike trails are a bit of a different story, as they feature obstacles such as steep drops and narrow segments. This makes them rather challenging, so only experienced and seasoned riders should make their attempts. Besides spectacular views, there are also several camping grounds in the area.

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Northern Maine Trail Systems

With Aroostook County Trails and the Interconnected Trail System, Northern Maine has over 1,000 miles of tracks. Most of them are ATV focused and offer a wide range of different terrains and difficulty levels. With anything from wood trails to mud roads available, you are sure to find something that matches your ambitions and skills.

As most tracks run through the wilderness, don’t let wild animals such as a moose or a bear surprise you. Make sure to dress warm, as this area can be quite cold and moist. If you are staying for several days, Katahdin Lodge offers great accommodation with warm rooms and home-cooked meals.

Paiute Dirt Bike Trails System, Central Utah

Paiute ATV Trail System, Central Utah

With trails covering more than 2,000 miles, the Paiute ATV Trail system is the largest of its kind. Most of the tracks are running through the Fishlake National Forest, with some of them being up to 300 miles long. Depending on the selected trail, you will find anything from packed dirt to rocky sections with steep and challenging inclines. This makes it perfect for riders that want to put their driving skills and vehicles’ capabilities to a test.

As most major routes span for several days, suitable accommodation is another thing to consider. Besides lodging in surrounding small towns, camping on campgrounds or along the trail is another option.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota & Wyoming

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota & Wyoming

A wide range of scenic trails that go through a stunning landscape is the biggest upsides of Black Hills National Forest. Most of them go between South Dakota and Wyoming and cover more than 600 miles of a variety of terrains. Open plains, steep climbing, or wooded sections are just some of the terrains you may come across here.

With activities like hiking or fishing available, this place is also convenient for family vacations. Camping at one of many campgrounds is the best option for accommodation, as it keeps you near the trails.

Oceano Dunes, California

Oceano Dunes, California

Oceano Dunes span over 3,600 acres of coastal area in central California. Riding on bowls or jumping over lips is just a small part of the thrills you may experience during your visit here. Additional activities include surfing, swimming, or fishing.

Moderate temperature, which is not something you’d expect in a place like this, is another upside for most visitors. Although not as large as some other similar locations, this is a unique destination, perfect for adventurous family vacations.

As the camping areas are a bit rudimentary, nearby hotels might be a better option if you are not a seasoned outdoorsman.

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Ride Royal Blue, Northeastern Tennessee

Located inside the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, this ATV resort is one of those places that has so much to offer, you’ll probably need to come back for more. There’s a wide selection of trails that range from flat ones to very demanding and technical ones.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you will easily find an off-road ATV trail that fits your needs. A breathtaking scenery combined with rich wildlife is additional upsides, which will only further extend your experience. With many cabins, RV sites, and camping grounds in the area, lodging options are more than plentiful.

Hatfield-McCoy Dirt Bike Trails, West Virginia

Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is a famous series of dirt bike tracks spanning over the Appalachian Mountains. Located in the southwest part of West Virginia, it combines riding with stunning landscapes, making it a unique outdoor experience.

You will find over 700 miles of trails divided into eight smaller systems, with each of them offering unique characteristics. Although there are different difficulty levels available, even the easiest ones can be too demanding for inexperienced riders.

If you are looking for a power sport-themed party, plan your trip during Hatfield-McCoy National Trailfest, an annual event that lures in many dirt-bike enthusiasts.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

One thing that makes the area around Moab so famous is vivid red rocks and deep canyons. Many trails, suitable for both dirt bikes and ATVs, offer different challenges that range from easy to very difficult. However, this is not the only experience you’ll enjoy, as this is a home to a range of the most stunning landscapes.

If you plan on spending a night in a camp or motel in this area, check the availability in advance. Being a popular destination, you might have a hard time finding free accommodations, especially when there is an event going on.

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona

As the name suggests, Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route is perfect for those looking for an adventure in the desert. This 750 miles long trail starts at the Mexican border and runs across Arizona to the border with Utah. During your adventure, you will come across numerous Saguaro cacti and the Colorado River Canyon. Because of endless amounts of deep sand along the way, we would recommend a powerful dual-sport bike on this trail.

Tall Pines ATV Park, New York

Tall Pines ATV Park, New York

Being built with a specific purpose, Tall Pines ATV Park can offer a fair share of everything. With more than 70 miles of trails, this park covers a wide range of terrains. Both beginners and experienced riders will have no problems finding a track that suits their capabilities and ambitions.

There are also several campgrounds around the park offering affordable and amusing accommodation in the middle of nature. All of this makes this park a perfect option if you want to take your family on an adventurous vacation.

In Brief…

As we explained in this article, finding the perfect dirt bike trail or ATV park near you is super easy. There are tons of awesome trails everywhere in the US, more than enough to fit any rider, no matter the skill level. In most cases, you will be able to choose from a variety of difficulty levels and terrain types so make sure to correctly evaluate your needs and plan accordingly.

Always remember that, especially when going riding off the beaten patch, planning is key to have a memorable experience!

Have fun!

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