SSC Tuatara

1,750 HP SSC Tuatara Could Be World’s Fastest Production Car

SSC Tuatara recently attempted to become the world’s fastest production car in Nevada.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), the record-attempt run took place on Highway 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump.

With an estimated top speed of over 300 miles per hour, the Tuatara is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The car packs in some insane power and has one of the most brutal throttle responses ever seen on a production car.

SSC Tuatara

Power comes from a massive 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that makes 1,350 horsepower on regular pump gas, but the Tuatara ups that to a whopping 1,750 hp and a rev range of 8,800 rpm when running on special E85 ethanol. A 7-speed automated manual transmission from Italian firm CIMA helps in transferring all that power to the drivetrain. CIMA even claims that the transmission can shift gears in less than 100 milliseconds!

The car has a dry weight of 2,750 lbs and a drag coefficient of 0.279 that helps it take on the very best of the hypercar segment like Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Inside reports even claim that the Tuatara has already beaten the 277.9-mph top speed set by a Koenigsegg Agera RS on the same road stretch in 2017.

However, it is unclear whether the hypercar was able to surpass the 304 miles per hour mark set by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ last year. According to Guinness World Record, Bugatti did not make the run in both directions, which means the record doesn’t count.

SSC Tuatara

Interestingly enough, SSC North America had previously held a world speed record with the predecessor of the Tuatara. Nicknamed the SSC Ultimate Aero, it was the star of its time but was finally dethroned by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010.

The Tuatara did avenge the company when it destroyed the Veyron by leaping from 205 mph to 236 mph in seconds.

SSC North America is yet to release an official figure on the top speed achieved by this insane American hypercar. Evidently, the Tuatara is a true engineering marvel and the culmination of what years of research and development and extreme automotive engineering can achieve.

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