Hyundai i30 N Reveal

2021 Hyundai i30 N Arrives with 280 PS and 8-Speed DCT Transmission

Hyundai recently unveiled the i30 N, a facelifted version of its hot hatch with up to 280 PS power and an optional 8-speed DCT gearbox.

The i30 N’s design has been revised with a focus on superior driving dynamics and performance. The broad front center grille has an aggressive mesh pattern shaped like a plane wing and helps cool the engine more efficiently.

All LED headlamps come with V-shaped Daytime Running Lights, giving it a more menacing appearance. The front bumper comes with profiled side fins, reducing drag by orienting airflow away from the wheels.

The hatchback’s rear end has also been revised but remains unchanged on the fastback variant. The hatch now comes with triangular brake light and rear wing, increasing downforce and balance.

The taillights have also been upgraded with LEDs, and two sporty exhaust pipes protruding out of the rear diffuser give the i30 N a sportier look overall.

The i30 N also comes with standard 18-inch cast alloy rims, but the performance kit includes upgraded five 19-inch double-spoke forged alloy wheels, weighing 14.4 kg lighter than stock rims, providing higher strength and lower unsprung mass. Plus, the stock Michelin Pilot Sport Cut rubbers are replaced by super-sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires, specially designed for the model.

The car also receives the N treatment with the ‘N’ badge on all four wheels and brake calipers. It is available in seven colors: Performance Blue, Polar White, Engine Red, Sunset Red, Shadow Gray, Dark Knight, and Phantom Black.

Hyundai i30 N Reveal


The i30 N is powered by a 2-liter turbocharged engine coupled to either a 6-speed manual transmission or 8-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, producing 250 PS and 353 Nm of torque. Customers opting for the performance bundle will get a remap that brings up the power and torque values to 280 PS and 392 Nm, respectively.

Power is distributed linearly throughout the rev range, providing improved responsiveness and precise control, making it enjoyable for both road and track use. Most of the torque is developed between 1,950 and 4,600 RPM, and the maximum power output is at 5,200 RPM.

Such specs mean good midrange and top-end performance under a variety of conditions. The top speed is rated at 250 km/h for both trims, and 0 – 100 km/h is reached in 5.9 seconds, which is 0.3s faster than the previous model.

The new i30 N will also come with exciting performance features, such as Rev Matching, Launch Power, Rear Steadiness Bar, and more.

The N-DCT provides the comfort of an automatic with the feel of a manual transmission. When engaged in manual mode, the driver may use the shift paddles located behind the steering wheel or the shift stick on the central console that comes with the sport shift logic: upward for downshifting and downward for upshifting.

It comes with a range of performance modes to make the driving experience all the more enjoyable and engaging. Modes like N Grin Shift, N Power Shift, and N Track Sense Shift can be engaged when one is hungry for power (like Clarkson), or likes to thrash around a track for good measure.

Hyundai offers the i30 N a host of gizmos and performance modes to keep ‘N-thusiasts’ hungry for more. The i30 N has definitely made its mark in the hot hatches kingdom and is a worthy contender to the throne!

Source: Hyundai

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