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5G Rollout Continues in China, GM Plans to Introduce 5G Connected Cars

General Motors will launch its first 5G-connected vehicles in China, and maybe later in the U.S.

The 5G infrastructure provides quicker networking among connected vehicles. Moreover, this network has very little latency. Because of that, 5G paves the way for autonomous cars and next level driver-assist systems. Now, instead of only using radars and cameras, the vehicles can utilize advanced map data for self-driving.

The American manufacturer plans for a 2022 rollout. In the next two years, GM will solely focus on how to prepare the foundation for straightforward implementation. The application of 4G LTE connectivity in cars in North America and China shows that such technology is quite efficient.

The president of GM China, Julian Blissett, stated that various Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet vehicles will have built-in 5G connectivity soon.

General Motors still hasn’t commented about 5G-connected cars in the U.S., though. Then again, that’s probably because China was much more aggressive in employing 5G networks. Meanwhile, the U.S. backtracked a little when it banned Huawei 5G technology out of fear of industrial espionage.

Nevertheless, we might expect that 5G implementation in North America may not be that far behind. GM is known for deploying the latest technology to its home market, so there is hope.

Besides, GM already only has around 5.5 million connected vehicles in China as opposed to 16 million in the U.S.

“Our ultimate vision is a system that will enable hands-free transportation in 95% of all driving scenarios. We do not have a name or anything specific to announce today, but stay tuned,” said GM in a statement.

Blisset also referred to the company’s Super Cruise self-driving technology. GM’s system is a “door-to-door intelligent driving technology,” which seems to point to Level 4 autonomous tech. They also plan on implementing V2V connectivity. This enables the vehicle to stop on a red light, navigate itself, and make maneuvers to evade accidents.

To be continued…


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