BMW M8 Gran Coupe by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer tunes the BMW M8 to 720 HP

AC Schnitzer has upgraded the BMW M8, one of the most powerful cars produced by BMW, increasing its outputs to 720 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque.

The standard BMW M8 was hardly asking for more since its 4.4 liters V8 twin-turbocharged engine already produces up to 617 HP and almost 553-pound feet of torque. However, since no power is ever enough power, AC Schnitzer decided to increase the M8’s power even further, with predictably explosive results.

AC Schnitzer is a German tuning company mostly known for adding extra spice to BMW vehicles. It made the M8 more aggressive, bringing massive upgrades to the entire model both in the fields of style and performance.

When it comes to the M8 Competition type, the company offers the same 4.4-liter V8 engine but increased the power to almost 710 HP and 627lb-ft of torque.

AC Schnitzer also upgraded the car with two exhaust flaps, which make the perfect pairing with the new engine dimensions. The aerodynamics are also improved along with new suspension springs effectively dropping the vehicle by 0.8 inches in the front and 0.6 inches at the rear.

The addition of side skirts, front splitter, and rear spoiler further really round up the M8. The Coupe model is provided with a rear wing and carbon rear spoiler too. Three 21″ wheels options are available: AC3 ‘Evo’ lightweight forged wheels, AC3 flow-forming wheels BiColor, and Type VIII lightweight forged rims. Of course, if you think that 21″ wheels are a bit much for track applications, 20″ models are also offered.

If you don’t own an M8 Competition, AC Schnitzer also customized the M8 base model. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be satisfied with “only” The engine is vamped up going from 592 HP and 553 lb-ft to almost 690 HP and 627 lb-ft!

The beast soars aggressively towards its maximum speed, reaching 124 mph in a mere 10 seconds. Only a couple more seconds are required to reach its magnificent 194 mph top speed. Unfortunately, the first part of the uploaded video is a bit blurry, and we cannot properly make out the exact 0-60 time.

Check it out for yourself!


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