Acura NSX Type R

Acura Reportedly Prepares an NSX Type R and NSX Spider

The much-anticipated NSX Type R might finally come next year.

Acura seems to be gearing up to introduce two new variants to its second-generation NSX — the long-awaited NSX Type R and NSX Spider.

Japanese reports claim the NSX Type R will come first, followed by the NSX Spider two months later, likely by Q3 2021.

Since the NSX’s inception, we’ve heard rumors on a more powerful Type R variant. Moreover, chatter about a convertible version dates back to The Avengers movie, where Tony Stark drove an NSX Spider concept.

The NSX’s sportier sibling will supposedly churn out 641 HP. While there is no confirmation on the powerplant, it’s expected to still be a hybrid. Expect a slightly tuned version of the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 and somewhat more powerful electric motors.

The extra horsepower gives it an upper hand over the current model, producing a combined 573Hp and 476 lb-ft (645 Nm) of torque.

Acura launched a first NSX Type R in 1992. Unfortunately, it was then a track-only variant with a reworked suspension and lower curb weight. We might expect similar updates to the upcoming Type R. This time, Acura will probably use more carbon-fiber to drop the weight under 3,878 pounds (1,759 kg). Further changes could include advanced suspension, larger carbon-ceramic brakes, and improved chassis construction.

Aesthetically, the Type R should feature a more aggressive body language with aerodynamic improvements, such as an NSX-GT3 inspired front splitter and rear wing. We still don’t have information on the paint options, though.

There is also no confirmation on the type of roof the NSX Spider would feature. Nonetheless, expectations lean towards an automated folding roof instead of removable Targa top panels like its predecessor.

Source: Motor1

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