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The New Rules Of Buying A Car – Beginner’s Guide

If you pay close attention to most car buyers, a typical question you will hear is “what car can I buy that is affordable for me?” In other words, people are basing their purchasing decisions off of financial and monetary reasons. And of course, in some circumstances that makes perfect …

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Buying a Car: Cash, Loan or Lease?

Unless you have beaten the 1 in 12,271,512 odds and have actually won the lottery, or have been fortunate enough to have discovered a direct relation to Warren Buffet while drawing up your family tree recently, chances are that you are a confirmed member of the 99%. The hard truth …

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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Your Transmission Fluid

What if I told you that your transmission has fluid?! Oh… you already knew that? Well, do you know that flushing your transmission fluid can increase fuel economy, transmission longevity, reduce slippage and make shifting all around easier? Yeah, now you’re interested. Here’s everything you need to know about your …

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Beginner’s Guide To Engine Maintenance

Two mechanics performing basic engine maintenance

So far here at, we’ve usually taken specific topics or questions submitted by you and gone in-depth with them by providing as clear of an explanation we can give. By doing so we hope to provide you with the best possible chance of making the best decision for yourself. …

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The Five Cars That Will Make You Wish It Was 1983 Again

Ahh the 1980’s, when the automotive companies went through puberty and started making more modern and sleek looking cars. Some of the most recognizable and stylish cars were made during the 80’s, like the Lada Riva, just kidding. In fact, the 80’s spoiled us so much that the auto industry …

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