Bojan P

My name is Bojan - I am a car enthusiast, specialised in the vehicle diagnosis, repair and maintenance with 10 years of practical, hands-on experience. In addition, I have a Masters degree in mechanical engineering.

Car Windshield Replacement | A Complete Guide

Technician replacing a windshield

The windshield on your car must always be clear, exempt from scratches, cracks, or any other damages. Not only do these imperfections obstruct visibility, but they can also have a negative impact on its structural integrity. You may have heard about different windshield repair kits, which can restore any glass …

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How To Start A Car With A Dead Key Fob

Man unlocking doors with a key fob

If you own a car equipped with a key fob and a start/stop button instead of the classic ignition key, have you ever considered how you would enter and start your car if the key fob was to go bad? Like most car owners, you probably enjoy the benefits that …

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How To Start A Car When The Battery Is Dead

How To Start A Car When The Battery Is Dead

Have you ever been in a situation when your car won’t start, although it has been running just fine before that? To make things worse, this tends to happen when you are in a hurry and need your car to get somewhere. Besides being frustrating on its own, this is …

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Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms And How To Fix Them

Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

Have you ever noticed whining or grinding noises coming from underneath your car while driving down the road? If you heard something like this, chances are that one of the wheel bearings in your car is going bad. While replacing a wheel bearing is not that hard at all, tracking …

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Hyundai’s Pickup Truck: Waiting For The Santa Cruz

Hyundai's pickup truck: the Santa Cruz

Did you know that Hyundai will soon join the pickup truck market with its interpretation of a utilitarian vehicle? The Korean manufacturer has been on the roll for the last few years, improving their game in all aspects. Besides formidable built quality and overall reliability, their cars now offer an …

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Best Hybrid Pickup Trucks: What You Need To Know

Hybrid pickup truck

Do you have a feeling that hybrid pickup trucks are a rare sight and not something you are likely to come across? You may very well be right. Judging from the current market situation, it seems like these vehicles are not entirely in touch with upcoming trends. Because of their …

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Best Pickup Truck: Which One Is The Best Of Them All?

Pickup truck on a mountain

Did you know that pickup trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in the US for decades? Although cars like the Toyota Camry or various popular crossovers sell great, they’re not even close to the top three positions. Ford, GM, and Dodge together sell over two million of their full-size pickup …

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