Bojan P

My name is Bojan - I am a car enthusiast, specialised in the vehicle diagnosis, repair and maintenance with 10 years of practical, hands-on experience. In addition, I have a Masters degree in mechanical engineering.

Totem Automobili GT Electric | A Legend Reborn with Electric Soul

Totem Automobili GT Electric

Have you ever heard about an Italian automotive manufacturer called Totem Automobili? Although we have seen a fair share of similar companies in recent times, this Venice-based startup is a bit different. Combining the passion for iconic cars with innovative engineering, they redesign iconic Italian cars, updating them with electric …

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Self-Driving Cars Might Increase Emissions, not Reduce Them

Autonomous vehicles in traffic

Did you know there is a chance that self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles might increase emissions instead of reducing them? This claim may seem odd and illogical at first glance, as all facts tell a different story. Because of their human nature, most drivers are anything but perfect when it …

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Dome Zero | Unknown Supercars

Dome Aero

Have you ever seen or read anything about a unique vehicle called Dome Zero? A quick search on the Internet would reveal a sporty car with an attractive design and noticeable performance. Still, the likelihood of running into someone who knows about this car is quite low, even among hardcore …

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Best Upgrades to Make Your Car Drift Ready | Tuning 101

Drift Car

Is drifting something you might be interested in, but the fear of high expenses stops you from trying? It may come as a surprise, but drifting is among the most affordable motorsport, especially for beginners. Unlike racing or rallying, drifting is more like the art of sliding through bends in …

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A Brief History of the Ford Bronco | American Icons

Ford Bronco History

The 2021 Ford Bronco’s announcement caused quite a lot of excitement among car enthusiasts. Interestingly, with so many SUVs and crossovers already available on the market, such powerful reactions may seem unusual at first glance. However, a closer examination would reveal how formidable the Bronco’s off-road capabilities are. And it’s …

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9 Best Off-Road Adventure Motorcycles | Off-Roading Encyclopedia

9 Best Off-Road Adventure Motorcycles

Are you looking for a motorcycle that offers enough sporty potential while also being capable of tackling different terrains? Although these characteristics may seem as if they don’t mix, adventure motorcycles are a special breed of motorcycles offering just that. A comfortable ride is just one upside, as these bikes …

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Best UTVs of 2020 | Off-Roading Encyclopedia [Updated]

Best UTVs of 2020

Did you know that utility terrain vehicles, commonly called UTVs, are among the biggest hits of the off-road industry? Although they may appear as ATV’s bigger brothers, these Side-by-Side vehicles actually come with their own set of pros and drawbacks. With formidable terrain capabilities and car-like controls, they are easy …

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