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How To Push-Start a Car With A Manual Transmission

Push-start a car with a manual transmission

Fewer and fewer car manufacturers are making new cars with manual transmissions these days, which is a real shame. Learning to drive a manual transmission-equipped car gives the driver an understanding of how gear changes impact the way a car moves. Another significant benefit of manual transmission cars is that …

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How To Start A Car With A Bad Starter

Auto mechanic replacing a starter

As automotive technology evolves, engine components transformed from barely mechanical to fully electronic devices. However, this statement is not true for all of them. One well-known automotive part stayed pretty much the same throughout all those years — the starter. Its design and working principle haven’t really changed, mostly because …

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How To Start/Stop A Car And What To Do When It Doesn’t Work

Women Starting a car

Starting a car may seem like a simple task for most car owners. However, the simple act of turning the ignition key activates many systems and components at the same time. If any of the sensors, switches, or safety features become faulty, it may prevent the engine from starting altogether. …

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How to Flush Your Cooling System | Complete Guide

How to Flush Your Cooling System

Your car’s cooling system’s main job is to keep your engine from overheating. Unfortunately, dirt and mineral deposits can build up in your cooling system over time which can significantly reduce its efficiency as well as cause many other correlated problems. To prevent expensive cooling system repairs, your bet is …

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Overheating Car: What You Need To Do

Woman in front of an overheating car

In a car engine, multiple metal parts rub against each other at high speed, creating a lot of heat. If heat production wasn’t controlled in some way, the temperature would quickly rise beyond the normal operating temperature, leading to engine seizure in a jiffy. To ensure engines stay cool and …

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How Much Does A Car AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

Car AC compressor

One of the most common causes for a car AC to stop blowing cold air is a faulty AC compressor. Even though most AC compressors used on modern cars are durable and reliable, many different things can fail inside the compressor. Luckily, many of these components can also be replaced, …

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The Cost of Car AC Repairs: What To Expect

Auto mechanic repairing a car AC system

The AC in your car is a wonderful accessory to have, but when it goes bad, you may be worried about the potentially high cost of the repairs. It’s a fact. AC system components can sometimes cost a lot. Troubleshooting an AC system also takes time and that tends to …

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