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Automotive Collision Market to Reach an All-Time High by 2026

The market demand for collision repair has been on a record high for the last couple of years and a 2.5% Compounded Annual Growth Rate is expected within the next 4-6 years, according to a report by Global Insights Inc.

With improved technology and innovative repairing practices, the automotive collision market should see a hike. Today, there is more reliance on getting repairs done via authentic sources. With the ever-increasing wave of public transport, intercity, and intra-city transportation globally, especially in metropolitan cities, there is always a need for quick and quality repairs.

However, with more vehicles on the road every year, we still don’t take safety and accident prevention seriously. This has, in turn, dialed up the need for recoating and painting services. Morbidly, the flip side of the mortality risk is that it will accelerate the demand for such components. A sad reality, sure, but one that still need to be taken care of.

There has also been an increasing demand for automobiles. Post Covid-19, we can expect an upliftment in disposable income, which will further bolster the repairs market. Additionally, the automotive aftermarket has seen improvement in the technological capacity by deploying state-of-the-art machinery to boost the supply.

Body maintenance is the daily order concerning the luxury cars segment. This has been further fueled by eco-friendly initiatives taken up by the industry. Meanwhile, durable coatings and other advanced repairing techniques will further enhance the need for more softcopy manuals, since there will always be a section of people who would want to opt for DIY methods.

The future of the repairing sector looks as bright and shiny as a showroom car. Let us see if we can achieve this height.


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