Bentley Continental GT Diecast Model

Bentley Continental Available as a $9,000 Diecast Model

At $9,123, the 1:8 Continental GT happens to be the largest diecast model offered by the company but also the cheapest way to actually get your hands on a Bentley.

Even though you won’t get the 626 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque that the original model would get you, owning a Bentley is still owning a Bentley, even if it’s just a toy! And this one won’t set you back $200,000 like its bigger sister.

The original Continental GT data was used to craft this 1:8 scale diecast model, and the initial craftsmanship alone took almost 3,000 man-hours. The templates thus obtained become the base towards creating this masterpiece. Well, for those who can afford a $9K toy car, this is undoubtedly worth putting on top of their Christmas wishlist.

Orders will only be put to production after the customer has approved the custom-designed visualization created by Bentley’s official design studio, updated with your bespoke options, of course.

Talking about customization, almost 1000 separate parts are accurately designed and put together to create one of the most impressive and visually realistic diecast models ever made. Customers get to choose the body paint, exterior trim, interior contrast, seat configuration or the driver position, veneer styling, alloy wheels, the leather to be used, and its stitching, brake calipers, lower grille, primary hide color, secondary hide color, license plate; precisely down to the same choices you make when buying the 1:1 actual vehicle.

After you have curated your perfect Bentley, it is then sanctioned and hand-built by Bentley’s expert craftsmen, who take about 300 man-hours to put up and customized according to your requirements, including cross stitching on the miniature steering wheel, wood veneers, rich carpets, minute detailing from the dashboard to the buttons. Even the trunk and doors are functional and can be opened, letting you appreciate the luxury feel of a Bentley Continental GT’s interior.

Once ready, the one of a kind model is placed on a “majestic varnished plinth” perfect for display.

Although a $9,000 price tag might seem a little steep for a majority of people, Bentley got a solution. You can still own and cherish the authenticity and joy in their lower-priced 1:43 Continental GT diecast model at just 15$.

Obviously, at such a low price, sacrifices will have to be made regarding the customization.

Bentley Continental GT Diecast Model


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