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BMW i8 is the Most Attractive Car for Tinder Dates, Study Finds

According to a recent study, you are most likely to get matches on Tinder if you use pictures of yourself posing in front of a BMW i8.

Which one again? The BMW i8. Yeah, that same car that Tom Cruise used in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Unfortunately, a BMW i8 is going to set you back north of $135k. But, according to a recent experiment conducted by, posing in front of an i8 has actually shown excellent results.

The study was conducted by creating several males and female Tinder profiles and then leaving them up for about two days after swiping right to around 200 people. Interestingly, the name, bio, and age of each of these profiles remained unchanged except for the cars present in the profile pictures. Each profile had a different car in the background, while some of them had no cars at all.

This study aimed to determine if posing with a car could increase the number of right swipes you receive and which kind of vehicles prove to be the most attractive ones.

Now, talking about numbers, male profiles with the BMW i8 in the background received a staggering 132 matches, which is almost the double of what profiles with no cars in the background got (75matches).

Runner-ups are Audi (129 matches), Mercedes-Benz C Class (98 matches), Land Rover (95 matches), and Nissan NV 200 (69 matches).

In terms of female profiles, the BMW i8 still remained the front runner by getting 137 matches. However, men were most likely to match with women standing in front of a Land Rover (100 matches) compared to men posing in front of the car (95 matches).

Land Rover is preceded by the Audi R8 (130 matches) and followed by the Mercedes C Class (98 matches) and Nissan NV 200 (77 matches) on the priority list.

The study also suggests that having custom license plates on your car also helps to get more matches on the dating platform. However, since, the company conducting the study, actually sells custom plates, I would tend to be critical on this one.

Click here for more details on the study.

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