Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Starts Delivering Special Edition Divo to 40 Lucky Owners

Bugatti is finally ready to offer its track-focused hypercar, the Divo, which will mark another milestone in the French car manufacturer’s 100 years’ history.

After nearly two whole years since development, Bugatti is finally ready to start delivery of its track-focused hypercar, when compared to its little sister, the Chiron.

“The Divo marks a milestone in Bugatti’s history spanning over 100 years. It now enters our history books alongside the cutting-edge Veyron and Chiron hyper sports cars.” – Stephen Winkelmann (President)

The name Divo follows the Bugatti Tradition of naming their models after famous Bugatti racing drivers. This time the carmaker is paying respects to Albert Divo, winner of six Grand Prix, including 2 Targa Florio championships in the 1920s.

Adding on to its exclusiveness is the fact that Bugatti will only be producing a total of 40 of the Divo. Among the criteria that need to be met to successfully get your hands on one of these super-exclusive hypercars is to already own a Chiron. That already shortens the list of potential owners right there!

Bugatti Divo

Under the hood

The Divo is an all-wheel-drive mid-engine hypercar powered by an 8.0 liter Quad Turbocharged V-16 engine producing 1500 HP. To transfer all that power to the wheels, the Divo is equipped with a 7-speed dual paddle clutch automatic transmission. All-in-all, the Divo goes from 0 to 62mph in a mere 2.4seconds, achieves a top speed of 380 km/h, and can handle up to 1.6 G’s in corners.


The Divo obviously showcases Bugatti’s trademark horseshoe grille but features a somewhat slimmer profile and center-line accentuation than the Chiron. Innovative louvers are placed over the wheel arches to reduce overheating as well as to accentuate the aggressiveness of the Divo.

Interior-wise, the Divo gets a dual-tone treatment with highlights focused on the driver seat and dashboard. Some may argue that the color-scheme may be a bit bold, but when you intend to buy a car such as the Divo, you rarely expect to stay incognito for long anyway.

As to the aerodynamics, it’s needless to say that it’s super refined. Air intakes through the hood reduce the surface area while directing the airflow, a huge rear spoiler and diffuser providing massive downforce, side vents to cool down the brakes, and large air curtains increasing aerodynamics around the vehicle. What more could you ask for?

The NACA air ducts are also used to guide down air towards the engine, providing better cooling while also offering a more streamlined airflow. The mid-fins act towards guiding the air directly to the spoilers instead.

With all that being said, no words can really do justice to such a magnificent vehicle as to the Bugatti Divo. At this point, the pictures are probably more than enough to make you dream of owning one already.

Once again, Bugatti didn’t disappoint and delivers a hypercar well worth its $5.8 million price tag.

If you already own a Chiron, of course.

Bugatti Divo

Image credits: Bugatti

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