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Bugatti Teases a new Hypercar with “X-Wing” Taillights

Bugatti’s next hypercar will combine outstanding performance with sci-fi looks.

Bugatti released a mysterious picture on its website, along with the caption “What If?” letting fans wonder what the French manufacturer might be preparing.

The teaser image suggests a car with Star-Wars-like “X-Wing” taillights. Of course, rumors started running right away.

After the successful unveiling of Chiron Pur Sport in March and Divo in May, Bugatti prepares yet another hypercar, scheduled to be unveiled later this month.

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Unfortunately, the carmaker didn’t release any other information, though. We have no word on specifications, usually the most exciting thing about Bugatti’s vehicles.

With that being said, sources claim it might be an all-electric track-only hypercar with Rimac technology.

However, other sources lean toward a regular internal-combustion engine, probably the mammoth 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 unit from the Chiron Super Sport 300+. Here, it would produce 1,578 hp (1,177 kW), perhaps enough for Bugatti to recapture the speed world record? Moreover, the new hypercar will probably take styling inspiration from the Vision Le Mans Concept.

Although the month will be over soon, we still hope for more information. And obviously, due to the ongoing pandemic, we expect a virtual launch.

Stay tuned! More details to come soon!


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