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#Cancel2020 Newest Victim: Formula 1 Halted in Brazil, USA, Mexico, and Canada.

The 2020 races of the Americas became a new victim of COVID-19 after Formula 1 corp confirmed there will be no races in Brazil, USA, Mexico, and Canada this year.

The most famous and active races of the Americas are being canceled this year due to the resurgent epidemic, joining an increasing list of canceled events. It would have been almost impossible to hold Formula 1 races while keeping in mind the recommended social distancing guidelines. Consequently, the races will be postponed to next year. The other victims of the pandemic are France, the Netherlands, Australia,  Monaco, Azerbaijan, Japan, and Singapore.

“After considering the current cases of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we had to take this decision. In this situation, organizing a race event would be riskier. Considering the local restrictions and the importance of maintaining social distancing for keeping communities and our colleagues safe, we had to cancel 2020 races. It was decided after discussing with the collaborators and partners of the company in the affected countries.”, said Formula 1 corp.

Looking at the recent cases of coronavirus in the US, there are about 4 million infected people. Texas was going to host the race at Austin’s Circuit on October 25th, but it has been one of the COVID-19 hot spots. Furthermore, Mexico actually ranks 4th in the world regarding the number of active cases, while Brazil is struggling with over 2.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases.

Chase Carey, Formula 1’s chairman and CEO, says, “we are looking forward to welcoming the races back in 2021. We want to pay tribute to our incredible partner in the Americas and look forward to being back with them next season when they will once again be able to thrill millions of fans together around the world.”

However, according to current reports, the Formula 1 calendar 2020 confirms thirteen races this year in Portimao, Imola, and Nurburgring. Nurburgring will be hosting the competition on October 11th, followed by the Portuguese race, which is going to be hosted for the first time since 1996 on October 25th, at the Algarve Circuit and then Imola will be hosting the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on November 1st. China and Vietnam are also on the list, but China has postponed the race for the moment, and Vietnam might be shifting the race to Sepang, Malaysia.

Source: Formula 1 corp.

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