Bugatti Baby II

Can’t Afford A Million Dollar Bugatti? Get The Baby II Electric Roadster for $35k

The Electric Single Seater Roadster Bugatti Baby II entered production in 2020 for just $35k. Created by the Little Car Company and designed as a tribute to the original race-winning Bugatti Type 35, the Baby II blurs the line between a car and a toy.

This model is built on a 75% scale of the Type 35 and should be comfortable for teenage kids and older. The first model was created by the company’s founder Ettore Bugatti in 1926 and was intended as a birthday gift for his son Roland. The original was a bit smaller and represented 50% of the Type 35 and was for kids aged up to 8 only. It was sold from 1927-1936, and only 500 copies were ever created.

The new Bugatti Baby II comes in 3 variants. The “Base” model is made of composite elements and comes with a 1.4 kWh battery pack and 2 driving modes: “Novice” mode limits the motor to 12 mph and 1.3 hp while the “Expert” mode can spur up to 30mph and develop 5.4 hp.

The “Vitesse” model comes with a complete carbon fiber body, a 2.8 kWh battery pack, and an improved powertrain that can be unlocked with a speed key. It releases the electric engine’s full potential of 13.4 hp, which is more than enough power to reach a top speed of 42mph.

The last variant is the “Pur Sang” model with a full handmade aluminum body and a 2.8 kWh battery pack.

Bugatti Baby II

The Bugatti Baby II “Base” model starts at $35k, the “Vitesse” model at $50,500, and the “Pur Sang” model at $68k. The Baby II is also planned with 500 models for production.

The Bugatti Baby II comes with a rear-wheel-drive exactly like the original one with a limited-slip differential and selected driving mode. Each model comes with replaceable battery packs. The smallest battery pack offers a range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge while the larger one can last up to 31 miles.

Some other exciting features are the original fuel pressure gauge now showing the battery charge level LED headlights and a front badge made from 50 grams of solid silver printed with the Bugatti emblem.

With that being said, if you want to fulfill your dream of owning a $35k Bugatti, don’t wait!

Only 500 will be made!

Source: Bugatti

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