Gas-powered cars banned in UK

Carmakers’ Nightmare: UK Could Ban Sale of Petrol-Powered Vehicles by 2030

The UK has cut short its initial deadline to ban petrol-powered car sales by ten years!

According to recent reports from The Guardian, internal combustion engine-based cars could become part of automobile history as the United Kingdom aims to eliminate them as soon as possible. The UK‘s new deadline is now set for 2030, rectifying the original 2040 deadline set 3 years ago.

Base on the same reports, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will provide an update on the impending ban on combustion-based automobiles sometime in November. Also, the announcement of a few more clean energy policies is also expected, keeping in mind the toll that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the economy.

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The move has been backed up by consumers as well, as recent sales reports suggest that the sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have eclipsed the sales of diesel-powered engines. While hybrids and electric cars have registration numbers close 33,000, diesel vehicles have only received 29,900 registrations and could definitely indicate times to come.    

Surprisingly, the plan was also well-received by the Labour opposition party, calling it “ambitious but achievable.”

On the other hand, a chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Mike Hawes, criticized the policy by saying that the related parties and infrastructure would not be ready for a change of this magnitude by 2030.

“The range of electrified vehicles on the market today is ever-increasing, but we need a fully-funded strategy that mandates a massive investment in infrastructure, help all consumers to make the switch, and supports a competitive UK industry,” said Hawes.

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The plan was first to change the timeline and track it back by only five years with 2035 as the target year, but as things stand, 2030 would most probably be the year when all vehicles sold in the UK are expected to be electric.

Fortunately, people operating combustion engine-based automobiles would most probably be allowed to continue driving the vehicle of their choice. However, the government may possibly be levying heavy taxes on ICE car owners.

 Source: Electrive

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