Toyota RAV4 Is the Most Reliable Used Vehicle in the UK

2009 Toyota RAV4 Sport

Toyota dominates reliability charts in the UK, but that’s really nothing new. A recent survey by “What Car?” revealed the UK’s top 50 reliable vehicles based only on models that are up to eight years old. Moreover, “What Car?” based the survey on honest customer reviews. Specifically, owners told “What …

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Toyota Built a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Mirai Popemobile

Toyota Mirai Given to the Pope as popemobile

The world may have adopted battery-electric vehicles, but the Pope is geared toward hydrogen-electric propulsion. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan gifted Pope Francis a hydrogen fuel-cell Toyota Mirai. Toyota designed the model specifically for the Pope and delivered it near his residence in Vatican City. During the ceremony, personalities …

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Toyota might Retire the Land Cruiser from the US Market

Toyota Land Cruiser

Rumors have it that Toyota will discontinue its Land Cruiser after the 2021 model year in the American market, never to return. This information pours in courtesy of an anonymous dealer spilling the bean to Motor Authority, who expressed his displeasure over the decision, quoting that “it’s a punch to …

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