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Chevrolet Pauses 2020 Corvette Sales Because Frunk May Open While Driving

Mid-engined Corvette front trunk might open while you drive!

Chevrolet halted the delivery of the C8 Corvette after it recognized problems related to the front trunk, commonly called “frunk”. The front hood could open at higher speeds if the driver didn’t close it properly. Moreover, the car doesn’t notify the improperly-latched frunk via the instrument panel. As an emergency solution, Chevy will limit affected vehicles to 26mph.

In a complaint filed to the NHTSA, a C8 Corvette driver clarified the issue. “The front trunk lid opened at a speed of about 40mph on a city street. The warning light was not lite prior to this incident, and nothing activated the lid door switch.”

The potential risk of this issue is that as the hood flips open, it will restrict the view of the driver. This increases the risk of an accident, especially at higher speeds. In a worst-case scenario, the lid could even hit the windshield and damage the body if it were to open at high speed.

After many complaints from owners, Chevrolet decided to fix the issue. The company will use over-the-air updates to make changes to the Body Control Module (BCM). The update will reduce the maximum speed to 26mph when it detects that the latch is unproperly closed.

The car will also notify the driver of the 26mph speed limit via the instrument panel display. Meanwhile, Chevrolet takes measures on how to fix the issue entirely. It will probably take some time before a solution is in place, and even longer before implementation.

The issue is not a mechanical malfunction, and Chevrolet is trying to identify the real source. Along with the front hood and BCM update, Chevrolet might replace the interior trunk release latch. That’s because the connection between the primary and secondary latch is not adequate.

“Owners who have accepted applicable terms and conditions will have the opportunity to accept these software changes using wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology without having to bring their vehicle to a dealership,” GM Chevrolet on releasing the steps customers have to follow.

Curiously, this is the second recall that relates to the C8 Vette’s frunk. On August 6th, another complaint was registered at the NHTSA regarding the sudden popping of the front hood. Fortunately, this incident occurred in areas with less traffic and clearer roads.

With that being said, the issue might only affect a limited number of VINs. The hood-opening issue still only appeared on a handful of cars. Nonetheless, GM is preparing to update all vehicles to show proactiveness and prevent any risk of accidents and injuries.


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