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Emerging Collector Car Market Expanding to Hot Wheels Toys

“Old is Gold,” right? Well, the quote speaks true, and when it comes to Hot Wheels, it’s even more accurate.

Right from the moment they were introduced by Mattel on May 18th, 1968, Hot Wheels always had their fair share of fans. Ruth and Elliot Handler sure hit the bullseye with the introduction of these mini toy cars.

Following its huge success, the endeavor continued towards the introduction of various track and accessories for these mini toy cars, which by the end of the 70s, had become every child’s dream. Even after becoming adults, they felt the same enthusiasm and attraction towards these bad boys, paving the way towards the emergence of Hot Wheels collectors.

The late 80s showcased the first-ever convention for the true collectors, organized by “the father of Hot Wheels collection”- Mike Strauss. By then, Mattel recognized that they had created not just a toy car, but an experience that would turn into emotion for its customers in the years to come and eventually launched their own membership club.

Hot Wheels has always gone rad towards advertisement and marketing, with original posters brightly showcasing how each toy car was custom made with love. They even arranged a “treasure hunt” series in 1995, in which limited edition cars were sent off randomly to stores throughout the country. It hyped up the fans’ enthusiasm and, regardless of age, grown men and children alike rushed to get their hands on their very own adrenaline pumped toy car.


Hot Wheels ‘70s Van

By the beginning of the 21st century, the Hot Wheels toy car craze was full-on. With over 6 billion cars produced since its introduction, it’s hard not to recognize all that the toy car manufacturer has achieved.

Even conventional car collectors find themselves attracted to these toy models as many are made according to actual car models. It’s not rare to see tuned car owners collect replicas of their own car model. These were so much in demand that Hot Wheels even released a series inspired from actual full-sized cars.

Hot Wheels also recognize what they call “super collectors” such as Bruce Pascal, a real estate executive by profession, and a devoted Hot Wheels collector at heart. He holds dear to almost 7000 of these mini bad boys. Among his prized collection lies a $70,000 pink 1969 rear-loading Beach Bomb. Now that’s a collection to behold.

Hot Wheels for Life!

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