Lexus LF30 Concept

Could New Lexus RZ 450e Trademark Signal Electric Vehicle Concept?

The luxury Japanese automaker broke down its trademark filings for ‘RZ 450e’ in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Last November, Lexus released its first-ever EV with the UX300e in Europe, China, and Japan, vowing to offer every model with an electrified and plugin hybrid drivetrain by the year 2025. According to Lexus’ current nomenclature, we could then safely assume that the “e” might be used to identify every electric vehicle and the “450” suggesting more power than the 300e.

Furthermore, the LF-30 technology was also revealed the previous year which kinda hinted at how the brand previewed the future. The LF-30 has sharp edges, gullwing doors, four in-wheel electric motors, and futuristic design. Unfortunately, this model will not turn up soon into production.

Presently, Lexus affixed an H-badge to the end of its RX 450h hybrid crossover and all other hybrid models. Lexus also trademarked the NX 450h+, which is expected to be a PHEV model.

As of now, Lexus uses the letter “R” to describe two of its models: the RC coupe and the RX luxury crossover.

With that being said, if the “e” means electric and the “R” means either coupe or crossover, the only real mystery here is the “Z”.

So what’s an RZ? Since it’s the only model missing from Lexus’ lineup, could it be a crossover coupe?

We’ll have to keep an eye on this one…

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