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Deus Ex Machina and Zero Team Up to Build an Electric Motorcycle

Deus Ex Machina and Zero Motorcycle will collaborate on producing a one-off electric speed machine with a jaw-dropping minimalist aesthetic.

Michael “Woolie” Woolaway, the brains behind Deus’ motorcycle branch, is held with almost saint-like reverence in the world of motorcycle customization. He crafts unique one-piece builds for the Australian lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina. Moreover, his clientele includes heavyweight names like Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, and Billy Joel, only to name a few. Woolie likes a hands-on approach, and his latest build based on the Zero SR/S is no exception.

Speaking of Zero Motorcycles, Michael revealed he first conceived the bike when he ran into Zero Motorcycles Race Team’s engineers at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition in Colorado Springs last summer.

Deus Ex Machina X Zero Electric Motorcycle

“When I met the guys out at Pike’s Peak and really got a good look at the bike, I thought, that bike is the perfect platform to build something with because there’s no gas tank and there’s this trellis frame that’s beautiful, and everything else comes off, and there’s nothing there. So, in my mind, quietly, I was thinking, I’d love to do something with that bike because it’s a blank sheet of paper.”

This would be the first electric motorcycle he would work his magic on. Zero supplied the bike sometime before its official launch. Meanwhile, Deus lent the brains behind the design and the reworking. The result is just mouth-wateringly gorgeous. The one-off model gives a retro space-age look while sporting the latest technology of its time.

Not much is recognizable of the original SR/S on the track-oriented speedster. The biggest difference is the unibody and fairings made from a single carbon-fiber piece, which Michael collaborated with two engineers from Lockheed Martin to create.

Deus Ex Machina X Zero Electric Motorcycle

Furthermore, with no fuel tank, the machine lines are sleeker and extend to the tail. Upfront, the bike features Showa 43 mm front forks, while a Showa 40 mm shock handles rear suspension duties.

A custom thumb brake from Spain stops the Dymag wheels from turning. The hand-blown windscreen is from Zero Gravity and completes the space-inspired headpiece (Neal Saiki, the owner is a former NASA engineer. So duh!). Other details include winglets for downforce assistance and a new seat from Saddlemen.

Time and again, Woolie dips into his hat (read workshop) and pulls out a rabbit (read custom bike). Only this time, there is no rabbit or a reworked engine, just pure electric horsepower.

Source: Deus Customs

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