Diesel Vehicles Lose for the First Time to Hybrids and EVs in Europe

Diesel Vehicles Lose for the First Time to Hybrids and EVs in Europe

Demand for hybrid and EVs reaches an all-time high in Europe, soaring past diesel car sales for the first time in history.

According to Jato Dynamics data, Europeans registered more than 300,000 PHEVs and electric vehicles in September alone, accounting for 20% on the continent. And surprisingly, electrified vehicles outsold diesel cars in Europe for the very first time as almost one in every four cars registered was either a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or an EV.

As a whole, and despite the ongoing pandemic, the European car markets witnessed a 156% growth YoY in demand for alternative propulsion. Moreover, hybrids and mild-hybrid sales dominated Europe, growing by 124% in recent years.

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On the contrary, diesel vehicle sales across Europe hit an all-time low, with a market share plummeting to a mere 24.8% in September 2020. For the record, diesel vehicles accounted for up to 50% of registered vehicles in the late 2000s. At this rate, diesels might soon become a thing of the past,

On the other hand, leading the EV race is Tesla with the Model 3. The electric sedan became the best-selling car with over 15,702 examples registered. Mercedes-Benz A-class followed suit in the plug-in hybrid segment and is the current market leader with a 22% market share.

Other manufacturers have also caught up. Volkswagen and Renault boast 352% and 211% increase in EV sales across Europe. In fact, the Volkswagen Group, including subsidiaries like Skoda, SEAT, and Audi, is now Europe’s top-selling electric car manufacturer.

Furthermore, 69% of all Ford Puma sales were mild-hybrid variants, making it the 3rd most popular SUV on the continent. Meanwhile, Toyota/Lexus also bounced back, achieving a 32% hybrid market share, mostly thanks to its Corolla Hybrid.

Moreover, Ford, Fiat, Suzuki, and BMW are also witnessing a gradual increase in EV and PHEV sales. For instance, the Fiat 500 became the best-selling city car with over 59% mild-hybrid variants on the road.

Felipe Munoz, a global analyst at Jato Dynamics, said that the transition to electrified vehicles is extremely rapid, thanks to government policies and incentives.

“Consumers are finally ready to welcome battery technology and a more carbon-neutral mode of transportation,” he added.

Source: Jato

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