Dart Those Distractions by TxDOT

Distracted Driving? Texas DOT Releases Augmented Reality Game to Help

TxDOT has launched an augmented reality (AR) game to remind people of the importance of focused driving.

Despite less traffic due to the pandemic during the past few months, the fatality rate related to accidents has not decreased in Texas. The report says that for every five accident cases, there is at least one case by distraction in driving. In an effort to reduce that tragic statistic, a new web-based augmented reality (AR) game called “Dart Those Distractions” has been launched by the Texas Department of Transportation.

However, distraction is not only about talking or texting from the driver’s seat. This new AR game has been designed creatively to spread awareness to drivers of all ages. The game has been inspired by a classic carnival game engaging the players in throwing darts over a car windshield to hit balloons, symbolizing various driving distractions like setting up the music, eating, navigation, and self-grooming.

“Every driver and every passenger can be impacted by distracted driving, and one death is one too many. We are doing all we can to make sure every Texan knows the dangers of distracted driving.  However, distracted driving crashes are preventable, and we hope this new AR game will help drivers realize there is more danger than just your cell phone in the car.” — James Bass, Executive Director at  TxDOT

Dart Those Distractions by TxDOT

TxDOT had already launched a campaign called “Heads up, Texas,” on August 4th this year. Both the campaign and AR game will be promoted on different social media platforms with the help of social influencers using #EndTheStreakTX and through digital advertising.

Unfortunately, after trying out the game, you’ll quickly notice an underlying “bureaucratic” feel to it. I mean, that’s precisely the kind of games you’d expect a governmental organization to come up with. It’s quite dry, graphics are poor, the “augmented reality” feature doesn’t really bring anything to the game except having your living room floor as background, and it’s utterly boring. The initiative is sure well-intended, but it’s doubtful it will have any real impact on stats. It really makes you wonder if there wouldn’t have been a better way to spend taxpayers’ money.

Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, the AR game can be played on any smartphone or tablet by visiting www.dartthosedistractions.com, or by visiting the website on a desktop computer to access the game through a QR code.


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