Driving Hazards In Ordinary Traffic

Since the very first moment you sat behind the steering wheel of your first car, you were warned about all the dangers of the road ahead of you. Do not speed, do not drive under the influence, avoid driving in difficult weather conditions and definitely no street racing.

If you follow this you would be totally safe, right? Bollocks! Why? Because nobody warned you about driving hazards in ordinary traffic, which can be damn annoying even when everything seems ok.


The biggest danger and the most annoying street decor of all major cities around the world are the cyclists. Cycling around with their backpacks on and earplugs in, not caring if they are changing lanes without signaling or chopping in front of your car .The cyclists are one of the worst things you can encounter while driving. They are slow and totally unpredictable, which makes them extremely dangerous. If you hit one, you will certainly scratch your car not to mention a trip to the judge. So, despite the urge to run them down, contain yourself and let them pass. Always be sure to check your nearside mirror when making turns in that direction!

Weekend drivers

The logic behind weekend drivers is simple. There are no mid-week traffic jams and it goes without saying that they don’t believe in their own driving ability and let’s be blunt, nor does anyone else, hence they will be safer on the weekend. If it is a Saturday morning and you see a car going well under the speed limit switching from lane to lane, you can bet behind that wheel is some codger, looking for a farmers market or a car boot sale. He doesn’t get why everybody is honking at him because he’s doing a steady 20 mph. Be careful and stay patient!

Slow drivers in fast lane

There is a special place in hell for slow drivers which occupy the fast lane on the highway. Not only is this annoying it is extremely dangerous. These drivers drive exactly at the speed limit or just a bit under, making fast drivers brake and slow down causing build-ups on the motorway. Sometimes, the faster drivers don’t have enough time to break and a crash is imminent. So, if you don’t have confidence in your driving skills or your car is not powerful enough, stay in the middle lane and be patient. Let someone else flash him out the way. Or if you’re like me, undertake and honk on the way past, whilst sticking up the middle finger…

Bus drivers

They are big and slow and they don’t care about you. In short, bus drivers seem to think it’s their dad’s road. If you’re playing the good driver and drive behind the bus, you are in for a long, and slow, painful drive. Our advice is to pass the bus and get in front as soon as you see a space or when it pulls into a bus stop. Be careful of oncoming traffic, though.


Over the years, pedestrians learned to respect the traffic and wait for their turn on crossings in the cities, and generally, they are much less annoying than cyclists. But every once a while, somebody thinks that is OK to run across the street or dance between the cars on a red light. If you see somebody like that, resist the urge to run ’em over and carry him on your bonnet, but brake and let them exit your lane and be somebody’s else problem or court case.

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are the original street hustlers and they think that they own the streets possibly since they spend so much time on them. Although you may think that somebody who spends his whole day driving will know how to drive, you’ll be wrong. In most cities, cabbies are the worst drivers, always ready to get into arguments and block you, and even cause small accidents on purpose. Let’s not go and analyze an average cab driver’s psychological profile, but let’s just say this – pass them as soon as you can and make sure they’re not following you.


There is a whole world of various dangers that are lurking on the city streets, which can cause potentially big problems if you aren’t careful. Taxi drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and weekend drivers are all out for you. Learn how to recognize the danger, avoid them and continue your journey without any problems. Good luck…


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    Your attitude to traffic law and road safety is deplorable. Fast drivers who don’t have time to brake are the ones at fault for excessive speed, poor observation and tailgating. Anyone who passes on the wrong side is guilty of dangerous driving and making derogatory signs to other drovers is a crime of public disorder. It’s time you grew up and adopted an adult and responsible attitude to driving. I recommend that you attend classes for the Institute of Advanced Motorists or the RoSPA Advanced Driving Association and learn to drive properly. Also, it is highly dubious that someone without any more driving qualifications than the basic L test should be giving worthless advice others. I challenge you to contact your local IAM group to have your driving checked.

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      WOW. Bit harsh, since the post was light banter.

      Just one question for you. Have you driven over 70MPH on the motorway?

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        I have, on the German autobahn. There are portions of it without speed limits. Although it is recommended to drive no more than 80 Mph. If you get involved in an accident and your insurance company finds out you are driving over the recommended speed limit, they may not cover you damages. I feel safe driving here because majority of drivers adhere to the “pass on the fast lane and get back on the inside lane” attitude. I have driven over 100 Mph and had no problems because drivers ahead of me are courteous and conscious enough to stay in the slow lane. It all boils down to safe and defensive set of mind while on the road.
        I dread the day when I return home and deal with uneducated drivers on US highways. These drivers think they earned the right to drive wherever and however they please because they have a drivers license.

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        Well Chad Ina lm with you when it comes to slow drivers they make you do stuff that you won’t do normally just to get passed them if they can’t stick to the speed limit pull over or get off the road they are the ones that give people road rage

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      In South Africa the rule of the road is “keep left, pass right”

      How am I to pass right if YOU don’t keep left?

      If I keep left(slow lane) and I pass on your left side because of your hogging the right(fast lane) you are technically at fault and the cause of the undertake;

      I would merely be obeying the first half of the “Rule of the Road” where as you’re not!

      If everybody stopped with their arrogant sense of entitlement and kept to this simple principle, it would end all dangerous weaving of impatient, (more often than not) competent drivers.

      If you dont keep left, I definitely will. Have been and shall continue to pass left so long as the lane is open

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    Chad. Sorry, but I think Lins comments are actually spot on. – and I say “well said” If you are advising people to overtake on the inside you are advising them to break the law. This hardly seems like good advice to me. And for the record – no, I don’t drive faster than 70MPH. That too is illegal.

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    Whilst I agree with the writer of this article, I feel that there is an even more annoying driving plague and that is on DUEL CARRIAGEWAYS were A FAST AND SLOW LANE ATTITUDE IS ADOPTED.
    Once you have overtaken get back into the inside lane so that drivers going faster than you, or that are in need of getting somewhere more urgent than you are able to overtake and they also should move over and back to the inside lane. It doesn’t mean that you have to slow down just because you are in the clear inside lane with absolutely nothing in front of you, or that you have passed a vehicle and the next one is half a mile in front of you so I need to stay in this lane to pass that one and prevent whoever is behind you, overtaking you and then you can pull out once you have reached them. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY IN THE OUTSIDE LANE??????????????????? For safety sake get back into the inside lane and allow others to overtake you rather than you becoming the hazard.

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    Hi Chad every one from pedestrians’ to personal drivers have the right to use our roads however annoying they can be. I believe that by being calm I can cope with all situations all other drivers should be treated as idiots expecting them to do somethin daft and when they do I was right then give them a friendly wave. I passed my driving test 49 years ago and have been a professional driver for most of my working life now retired I still enjoy driving especially as I have my MX5

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      Nice, was always a big fan of the MX5 all those years ago but ended up with an MR2. I’ve been driving for around 20 years now and touch wood never had an issue with other drivers nor pedestrians or never been in an accident. Maybe the odd run-in with a taxi driver, but then like you say, you just keep calm. Nowadays, i tend to do a lot of track work and ride my R1 on the roads when the weather is good. And one thing, which i forgot to mention is, when you are on a motorbike, that’s when you really realise how bad some other drivers are! And, IMO does make you a better more aware driver!

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        Hi Chad I to am a motorcyclist for some years now I have been riding my 1954 triumph thunderbird for 40yrs now I am still here & still riding the same bike I agree with what you say about it making you a better more aware driver as such I have always said that government should make all new drivers do 12 months on two wheels & pass a test on two wheels before you are entitled to get behind the wheel of a car for one thing it will make them more aware of those of us that ride two wheels .. I always said I am a motorcyclist NOT a biker as a motorcyclist treats his riding as a art form & treats his motorcycle with respect where a biker turns his bikes ignition on & his brain OFF & rides like a nutter & to hell with everyone else on the road & when something goes wrong its never his own fault its everyone else’s fault ….

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    HI Chad
    I have driven 52 years most of that time on big rigs. Heavy haulage and I think I have seen everything. I find people on the roads today have no time for other people. Its sad really. But drivers will never get on. Road rage is another there would be no road rage if the driver that caused it did not do stupid things on the road to start it, There are loads of drivers out there that have never been involved in a accident put have caused thousands i am like peter I also drive a mx5.i will be honest I have Brocken the speed limit and anyone that says thy haven’t will be telling pet hate on the roads people will not indicate you come up to a rounder bout full loaded you then find the person coming from your right turns left no indication at all you have to stop then when you set of again you can have 16 gears to go up not only that a lot of drivers don’t relies you could be hauling a heavy load. I enjoyed my job when I was at work but to be honest I am glad I am not just starting up as it will only get worse.

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