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Cadillac XT6 Takes Safety to New Level with Anti-Intrusion Armored Package

Cadillac XT6 armored vehicle by AddArmor

The Anti-Intrusion Armored package includes fortified doors,bullet-resistant windows, hatches, run-flat tires, and ballistic protection panels for the low price of is $28,000. Peter Blaber, AddArmor CEO and Special Ops veteran, said, “When people think of armored vehicles, they think of large, cost-prohibitive SUVs. Our new AddArmor XT6 dispels that notion. …

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Lewis Hamilton Wins British Grand Prix on a Blown Out Tire

Hamilton wins British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton finished the last lap of the iconic British Formula 1 Grand Prix on a punctured tire and won the race in a competition that “nearly stopped his heart.” He revealed that he almost panicked about the tire, and we are sure that the fans felt the same way …

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Due to Covid-19 Staffing Shortage, Honda Office Workers are Now Building Cars

Honda Office Workers are Now Building Cars

The world’s largest automobile manufacturer, Honda Motors Co, is in shortage of staff due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to the COVID-19 guidelines, the workers who have tested positive, and those who were working close to them must be quarantined. However, those rules strained the Japanese automobile manufacturer’s efforts and …

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