Elon Musk Attacks Bill Gates

Elon Musk Attacks Bill Gates on his Thoughts about Electric Trucks

Elon Musk and Bill Gates don’t seem to agree on electric vehicles, among other things.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, wrote about electric vehicles in one of his blogs in August this year. He mentioned, “Even with big breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles will probably never be a practical solution for things like 18-wheelers, cargo ships, and passenger jets.”

That statement didn’t go well with Elon Musk, obviously. The CEO of Tesla replied to a comment on Twitter in a few words and said, ‘he has no clue,’ referring to Bill Gates.

The two have made clear in the past that they are not big fans of each other. In an interview earlier this year, Gates stated that he owns the Porsche Taycan Porsche, a Tesla Model S competitor. Musk did not exactly comment on that, but he tweeted later, “conversations with Gates have been underwhelming.”

Gates mentioned some positive attributes of electric vehicles in one of his blogs recently. However, he thinks they suit short-haul travels. He wrote, “EVs excel at short-haul travel. That means they’re great options for personal cars and even medium-duty vehicles, like city buses and garbage trucks.”

Moreover, he expressed his concerns about long-range electric vehicles by saying that not every mode of transportation is compatible with electrification. “Even if we develop cheap, long-range EVs that are powered by zero-carbon sources, electrification isn’t an option for many types of transportation.”

Gates also wrote about electric-truck companies. “You’ll even be able to buy an all-electric pickup truck soon thanks to legacy companies like GM and Ford and new carmakers like Rivian and Bollinger.” Nevertheless, he didn’t mention Tesla, even though the company already announced the Cybertruck, an electric pickup truck.

Meanwhile, Tesla works to bring that vehicle to the market. According to Musk, production should start in late 2021, with the Tri-Motor model coming a year later.


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