Elon Musk Reveals His Master Plan Part Two, And We’re Excited!

It’s no secret that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is always on the cutting edge of innovation; perhaps, a little too far off that edge sometimes. Recently, he unveiled his “Master Plan, Part Two,” which describes not only the future of Tesla, but of the automotive industry as we know it.

After a read-through, we got to say, the guy might be crazy! But we love it!

Developing Cars with Stylish Solar Panel Roofs

Elon Musk Solar Panel Car RoofOkay, Musk, this seems pretty logical. Combine the brainpower of Tesla and SolarCity, Musk’s  solar energy company, to develop these efficient roofs. Following the trend of producing ridiculously awesome, next-gen looking cars, Musk places a great emphasis on ensuring that the solar panel roofs look stylish and “beautiful.” But most importantly, he wants a solar panel “that just works.”

If you’ve ever touched the roof of a black car in the summer, you have to admit, this is one heck of a good idea, if it can be pulled off. This would allow a car to charge while driving and without ever having to plug it in. Pretty convenient for the absent minded among us.

Expanding Tesla’s Line of Electric Vehicles

Musk isn’t satisfied producing sedans and small commuter cars; he has much larger plans.

With the Model 3, Tesla will add a compact SUV to their product line and Musk even plans on producing a pickup truck. Selling a high priced electric pickup might be a challenge considering the attitudes of truck-buyers, but if anyone can do it, it’s Musk.

Tesla Large SUVMusk also voiced his intentions of breaking into the consumer vehicle market with heavy trucks and large passenger transport vehicles such as busses. This would be awesome; apparently, these vehicles are already in production and should be unveiled soon! We’re ready.

A practical and reliable electric semi-truck could, literally, change the world and the way we view cross-continent transportation of goods. This begs the question, however; does Musk plan on these trucks having drivers?

Developing a Automated Car that is Ten Times Safer

This is, without a doubt, a direct response to the recent death involving Tesla’s autopilot mode. Consumers are increasingly scared of self-driving cars and Musk plans on turning this around. Musk declared that automated cars will be in “beta” mode until they are ten times safer than the average driver.

Musk is shockingly honest about the obstacles he faces here. Not only will the software in his cars have to be endlessly refined, he notes that it will have to be tested and tuned to comply with differing road laws among nations and cities. We still can’t figure out what to do at a blinking red left-turn light, better leave it to Musk.

Musk claims, however, that, “when used correctly, [partial autonomy] is already significantly safer than a person driving by themselves.” Perhaps a nod to the fact that the driver who died in his Tesla was watching a movie?

Developing a Way for Your Car to Make You Money – Wait, what?

Tesla Taxi CarHere comes the Elon Musk we all know, spewing out crazy ideas. But, then again, he has a surprisingly good record of achieving them.

Musk envisions a world where there is a “fleet” of Tesla cars roaming around the streets by themselves and picking up passengers. An automated Uber service essentially. The idea is that you can buy a Tesla and when you’re not using it, let to go drive people around all by itself.

A self-driving car without a human sitting in it is definitely a new idea. But this is what Musk does best. He gets everyone excited with groundbreaking new ideas, stirs up the media, and gets people watching. Whether or not he follows through on these promises, we’ll just have to see.


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