Tesla Model 3 2021

Europe Gets First Chinese-Built Tesla Model 3s

Tesla announced it would start shipping Model 3s from its Chinese Gigafactory to Europe.

It kinda came as a surprise as Tesla itself claimed it has no plans of doing it in the first place. It was only in September we first started to hear rumors it could happen. Thus far, Tesla confirmed that Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland would get Chinese-made Model 3s.

Since its opening, Musk claimed that the Shanghai Gigafactory would only meet the Chinese market’s needs. However, at that time, Elon was probably trying to appeal to authorities because of the US and China’s trade war.

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Tesla delivered its first Chinese-made vehicle in December 2019 and plans to produce at least 150,000 units there this year. According to the manufacturer, Model Y will also be produced in Shanghai.

“Support from the Chinese government towards the industry, innovative local companies and customers embracing new technologies make China the best market for smart electric vehicles,” commented Tesla.

The EV manufacturer updated the Model 3 Standard Range Plus in China recently, basically adding LFP batteries from the Chinese company CATL for a 31-mile increase in range.

With that being said, Tesla will probably shift European production to Gigafactory Berlin soon. Even though production in China is cheaper, importing vehicles from that far is expensive and is definitely not the way Tesla intends to do things.

Meanwhile, European countries are not the only ones getting Chinese Model 3s. Tesla also plans to export vehicles to Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

More details to come soon.

Source: Carscoops

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