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EV Sales Boom in Germany, Exceed 40,000 in September

Germany is setting an example for the rest of Europe with EV and plug-in hybrid sales far beyond expectations recently.

It didn’t come as a surprise that one of the most advanced countries in the race to electrification crossed 40,000 passenger plug-in electric cars sold in one month. In comparison, sales records of 2019 seem abysmal.

During September, Germany’s EV market share grew four-fold. There is an overall 4.5 times growth in actual unit sales.

Specifically, citizens registered a whooping 41,315 EVs in Europe this year. Moreover, Germany attained a growth rate of over 337% YoY, directly contributing 15.6% to the overall European plug-in vehicle market share. Simultaneously, petrol and diesel vehicles’ market shares declined by 18.4% YoY. That is like one EV for every six cars. Not bad, right?

Renault Zoe Leads in Front of Tesla Model 3

Renault sold over 3,600 Zoe’s last month. In a recent press release, the manufacturer claims that sales have now doubled and reached over 15,000 units YTD. Living proof that the electric models overperformed in the German market.

Having a beautiful 3rd quarter, Tesla has also made its mark in Germany, with 2,776 Model 3 sold last month. Furthermore, the most anticipated EV of the year, the Volkswagen ID.3, sold 1,771 units in September. Now, that might sound disappointing but bear in mind that VW launched the car only recently. However, the company’s e-Golf and e-Up models did not perform as well, with only 1210 and 909 units sold, respectively.

With the growth rate higher than ever, Germany’s Center for Automotive Management has predicted EV plug-in sales figures above 300,000 units by the end of the year, for a 10.7% market share.

Overly optimistic or slightly conservative? Only time will tell.

Source: InsideEVs

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