Ferrari Hublot eSports Series

Ferrari Set to Launch its own eSports Racing Series for Gamers

Probably one of the most exciting news for gamers and virtual motorsport enthusiasts for a long time.

Ferrari announced its very own competitive eSports series will kick off later this year. Initially focused on simulation racing, The Ferrari Hublot eSports Series will now be open to all gamers of 18 years old and above who have dreamt of finding themselves behind the wheel of one of the Italian manufacturer’s legendary sports car. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be released only in Europe at first, but Ferrari plans to extend it further after working out the last kinks.

The Ferrari Hublot eSports Series will focus on both amateur and professional levels with two separate categories — The AM series and the Pro Series. The AM Series first round is supposed to be held sometime in September, from which 24 selected eSports racers will be invited to join the Pro series later.

Drivers taking part in the first round will get to drive a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, which has been exclusively made available for participants of the eSports series. From each category, 12 of the fastest players will be selected to participate in four more races that will be held in October and then the finals, which will include three races scheduled in November. The winner of the eSports series will get the chance to go to Italy to follow an intensive training intended to prepare him to act as a reserve driver on the Scuderia’s FDA Hublot eSports team in 2021.

Ferrari was rather late to the party as compared to other F1 teams. It was the last of the F1 teams to join the eSports craze!

Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc has teamed up with Ferrari as the brand ambassador for this particular eSports event. He confessed that he is a big fan of the eSports series and consequently will also act as a mentor to the participants.  He also believes that the iconic sports car manufacturer will occupy a prestigious place in the world of eSports in no time at all. Ferrari’s chief brand diversification officer, Nicola Boari, said that going from race car driver to sim car driver is not a natural path as they both require different skills. In a live Zoom presentation session that was held by Ferrari, the manufacturer claims that it is indeed looking forward to new, remarkable talents.

We are all well aware of how difficult 2020 has been to motorsports. Many racing teams are trying to adhere to the new, never-seen-before rules and to follow social distancing guidelines. Most events are streaming online only now, so news that the world’s most well-known racing organization is trying out its luck in eSports is genuinely an exciting turn of events.

Registration starts from the first week of August!

Source: Ferrari

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