Fiat 500 Electric has a Veloster-Like Third Door, 199-Miles of WLTP Range

The Fiat 500 Electric now features a third door for easier ingress in the rear. However, space is still limited to kids.

Fiat announces 500’s third trim, the 3+1. Its main feature is the third door on the right side, which opens opposite to the front door. Just like in a Rolls-Royce. Or a Mazda RX-8 and Hyundai Veloster.

Anyway, the addition should make the 500 Electric much more functional around town. Moreover, the absence of a B-pillar makes for a more comfortable entry in both seating rows.

With the 3+1 trim, Fiat plans to attract working moms and dads with the design. However, the tiny hatchback looks perfect for a sweet 16 celebration. It has posh and retro-cool looks and a speed-limited electric powertrain, ideal for youngsters.

With that being said, the installation of a third door required some engineering and design changes. Fiat shortened the passenger side’s primary door to accommodate the third door. That way, the rear passengers can enter and exit the car more easily. Meanwhile, as a safety feature, the hinged third door will only open when the primary front door is opened. In other words, no “accidental” openings, which is great, especially with kids in the back.

However, Fiat says that the third door added approximately 30 kg to the overall weight but claims it doesn’t compromise performance.

Fiat 500

Electric Powertrain with Enough Juice for Urban Driving

The Fiat 500 Electric 3+1 gets an 87-kW (118 hp) electric motor and a 42-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Acceleration isn’t Tesla-like, but 9 seconds to reach 62mph is no slouch, either. Nonetheless, the 93mph limited top speed might irk highway drivers.

Although small, the battery pack offers a 199-mile (320km) WLTP range, suitable for an urban car. Meanwhile, the 500 3+1 supports 85-kW fast charging that delivers a 30-mile range in just 5 minutes.

Small in Appearance but High on Safety

Safety features include iACC (intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control), auto steer, and auto-emergency braking with environment recognition. Another key feature is the Birds-eye parking monitor that utilizes cameras to create a 360-degree view. Furthermore, the 500 3+1 includes urban blind spot sensors, automatic twilight and dazzle sensors, and electric parking brake assistance.

Advanced Infotainment System with a Huge Screen

Inside, the Italian hatch features a 10.25-inch touchscreen with the responsive UConnect 5 infotainment system. It also supports wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and wireless smartphone charging.

A Choice of Cool Retro Colors and Accessories

The Fiat 500 3+1 will be available in three exterior paints – Rose Gold, Glacier Blue, and Onyx Black. Exclusive accessories that set the car apart are 17-inch diamond-cut two-toned rims and ‘infinity design’ LED headlights.

Inside, there is a dual-tone dashboard and steering wheel. Moreover, Fiat used eco-leather, including on the seats, which also feature Fiat’s monogram. The seats are also six-way adjustable, while the electrochromic internal rear-view mirror shows a camera view.

Prices for this beauty starts at about $30,600 plus incentives, although the compact design prevents it from being available in America.


Source: FCA

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