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General Motors Looking to Expand in the Flying Car Market

General Motors emblem

General Motors is reportedly considering options in the aerial taxi market, including the making of flying cars with or without the help of a partner. In a recent statement, the American automaker has officially mentioned that it seeks growth for the company, keeping an eye on the future, and maybe …

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Volkswagen Reportedly Selling Bugatti to Electric Carmaker Rimac

Bugatti emblem

Bugatti would operate under Rimac, but still under the umbrella of VW Group. Volkswagen would sell Bugatti and its assets in exchange for a significant stake in Rimac. Meanwhile, the Croatian firm will operate under Porsche, which already has a 15.5% stake in the brand. The new development will see …

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Kia Pledges to Launch Seven Pure EV’s by 2027

Kia tease EV lineup

Kia has recently unveiled its global EV business strategy by announcing the addition of seven more dedicated electric vehicle by 2027. The Korean automaker has vowed to cater to the demand for a diversified range of EV product types. The Hyundai subsidiary said in a press conference(September 16) that it …

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