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New Škoda AI-Assisted App Can ‘Listen’ and Find Engine Problems

Skoda app

Škoda devised a smartphone app that will ‘listen’ to the car in order to diagnose problems based on sound patterns. Not only can  Škoda’s Sound Analyser app detect engine problems, but it can also help diagnose other units’ issues. So far, the app can recognize ten different types of sounds, …

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Tesla Prepares a Model Y with Seven Seats, Will Cost You Extra $3,000

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y might get a third-row adding additional seating for kids. However, they will probably face the car behind you. Many have waited for this moment, and now it’s almost here! Elon Musk announced the eagerly anticipated Model Y seven-seater, with production expected to start in November, with …

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Ford Must Purchase CO2 Emission Credits to Meet EU Targets

Ford logo

Ford will join an emissions pool with other manufacturers to avoid fines imposed by EU regulations as it fears crossing the CO2 limit. The American automaker falling short of its European Union emission reduction quota and, following in the footsteps of its American cousin Fiat-Chrysler, is set to purchase emissions …

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