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Hyundai Wins Design Value Awards for “Sensuous Sportiness” Identity

Hyundai Motor Wins DMI Design Value Awards 2020 for its Sensuous Sportiness Design Identity

The award was given in recognition of Hyundai’s distinctive and radical new “Sensuous Sportiness” design language, giving the vehicle its unique “Hyundai Look.” In the past few years, Hyundai’s design theme has continuously been in the spotlight due to its radical nature and bold attempts to woo customers. The deeper …

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Wind-Powered “OceanBird” SuperCargo Ship Can Transport up to 7,000 Cars

Oceanbird Wallenius Marine

Wallenius Marine presents the OceanBird, the world’s first wind-powered cargo vessel — a mammoth ship that can transport up to 7,000 cars. Since the industrial revolution in the 1700s, the world has encountered extreme levels of pollution. Thus, almost every industrial sector has now recognized the need for sustainability. Read …

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Next Volvo XC90 Could be Company’s Last Internal-Combustion Model

Volvo XC90 Recharge_Plug-In_Hybrid

As the car industry is slowly switching to a greener route, Volvo hints the next XC90 could be its last new vehicle offered with an internal-combustion engine option. The Swedish carmaker aims to completely move to electric powertrains by 2025, as confirmed by Volvo’s CEO Håkan Samuelsson, last year after …

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