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Leaked: Ford Bronco Hybrid Version to Debut in 2021

Ford Bronco 2dr 4dr

Rumors have it that the 2022 Ford Bronco could have a hybrid variant and would reportedly possess hybrid powertrain components borrowed from the F-150 or Explorer Hybrid. Jim Hackett, Ford‘s CEO, had been in the talks about the company’s plan involving the launch of several electric vehicles as well as …

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Google New Android Auto Update Adds More Apps and Features

Android Auto OS

New Android Auto and Android Automotive OS updates are all about opening the door to developers to create new apps. The new Android Auto attempts to build updated and optimized car-related apps and features. The platform continues to expand with more applications, supporting hardware and also its native versions in …

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Volkswagen Comes to America to Make Battery Cells for Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen Chattanooga Plant

Volkswagen just announced that it would begin developing battery cells intended to be used in electric vehicles in its American factory. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — To accelerate the development of its battery cell technology, the Volkswagen Group will establish a new laboratory at its Chattanooga manufacturing plant. The research lab will …

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