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Leaked: Most Aggressive Ford Bronco to be Named “Warthog”

2022 Ford Bronco Warthog

Ford will probably ditch the Raptor nameplate for the most aggressive Bronco, and instead, use the even cooler Warthog. Ford is no stranger to using animal names for its high-performance off-road vehicles. For instance, it uses the Raptor for the off-road F-150 in the US and the Ranger overseas. This …

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2021 Kia Rio Arrives with Better Looks, Starts at $17,015

2021 Kia Rio

The 2021 Kia Rio arrives in the US with exciting new features and a price tag only $200 higher. The new-look is similar to its European sibling and features similar updates. The 2021 Kia Rio will be available in two styles — Sedan and  Hatchback. Buyers interested in the hatchback …

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Sorry Jack LaLanne, Turbochargers are the Ultimate Juicers


For long, turbochargers only had one job, but not anymore. It’s not every day you see a turbocharger doing something that your everyday juicer would do, like turning a banana into a smoothie or shredding breast implants into molten silicon. Yeah, you heard it well; Youtuber Cleetus McFarland took things …

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