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Ferrari Omologata is a One-Off Special Based on the 812 Superfast

Ferrari Omologata

Ferrari has unveiled its tenth one-off model, the Omologata, crafted over a front-engine V12 platform. The Maranello-based manufacturer came out with a V12-spec one-off special — the ‘Omologata’ — based on the 812 Superfast and commissioned by a certain ‘discerning European client.’ Ferrari has a tradition of using V12s for …

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What is Overlanding? | Off-Roading Encyclopedia

Jeep Overlanding

In the last couple of decades, SUVs have entirely lost their original purpose. Instead of mountain trails and serene landscapes, they moved to urban environments, suburban driveways, and shopping mall parking lots. This switch in how regular people see SUVs prompted a new kind of enthusiast. Those are the ones …

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