Flying Cars Coming to America

Flying Cars Coming to America As New Hampshire Paves the Way

The people of past centuries thought that the 21st century would get to see flying cars, and New Hampshire is kind of paving the way for that. No, don’t get excited and think that they discovered flying cars! New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed a new bill on Tuesday.

The House Bill 1182, which has been ironically named the “”Jetson Bill,”” was passed by the Granite State into law on Wednesday. These new transportation bills involve facilities that are going to make flying cars legal on public roads. Of-course these cars won’t start flying tomorrow, but it paves the way for the future.

Now let me be clear here. The law won’t allow flying cars to swoop past you on the highway, flying right above your head. However, it does enable traditional flying vehicles on public roads. Meaning that it will allow future flying car owners to drive their vehicles to the airport or take off from these very public roads, if necessary.

And unfortunately, no, flying cars aren’t allowed just yet.

The law makes way for a commission to study “”roadable aircraft,”” which is used as a formal term for hybrid vehicles that have driving as well as flying abilities. It advises that “”all roadable aircraft shall be required to take off and land from a suitable airstrip and shall be prohibited from taking off and landing from any public roadway, unless under conditions of an emergency.”

Terrafugia flying car
Terrafugia Transition

Although flyings cars still don’t exist yet, three companies have been very vocal about this “flying car” thing in the past few years. One of them is Terrafugia, which came to being after Geely of China bought the startup based in Massachusetts. Though it has gone rather silent in the past few years, it once claimed that it has almost 100 employees working on making flying cars a reality.

Samson Sky Switchblade
Samson Sky Switchblade

Another company that has also commented on this topic is Samson Sky. This company is an Oregon based startup and originally named its flying car “The Switchblade”. The Switchblade was supposed to be ready and released by 2019 after its announcement in 2018. However, we haven’t heard any updates or news for over a year now. The prototype discussions have also died down. The company was also requested for updates on its flying car prototype, and it has not answered any questions as of yet.

PAL-V Liberty
PAL-V Liberty

The Dutch company PAL-V that has its office in Manchester-Boston regional Airport has reported that it’s also making progress on a new breed of hybrid vehicles between a car and a gyrocopter. Keith Ammons, the States’ dealer with PAL-V, has stated that it is initially an aircraft that can also be driven on roads.

We all have an image or idea of flying cars in our minds after watching The Jetsons or other sci-fi movies. However, the same is also true for self-driving cars. And unfortunately, if we compare autonomous vehicles now with their Hollywood counterparts, we can safely assume that it might still take a couple of years before we can actually drive a car and just take off from the highway to get out of traffic.

The important thing is to keep dreaming I guess…

S0urce: Cnet


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