Ford to Replace Batteries PHEV Batteries After a “Risk of Fire” Recall

Ford reacted promptly, but can battery fires slow-down the EV revolution?

Ford announced it has finally found the solution to the battery problem in Kuga PHEV. Due to an ongoing fault, the cars in question were at risk of catching fire. In some extreme cases, the whole vehicle could burn down.

The problem has to do with the contamination of the battery pack during manufacturing. Keep in mind; Ford doesn’t make battery packs, so the error is most likely on the supplier’s end. The marquee has not specified the name of the supplier in question.

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In a statement, Ford has announced it would replace the entire battery packs on all 27,000 affected SUVs. The recall will start in late December 2020 and will continue until late March 2021. Meanwhile, the brand has said the affected Kuga models are still fit for use. However, owners should not plug-in their vehicles and only drive in EV Auto or Normal hybrid modes.

To compensate for higher fuel costs, Ford will be handing out £500/€500 fuel vouchers to Europe’s customers as a goodwill gesture.

Ford already addressed this problem in August 2020, when it recalled over 20,000 Kuga models over a fire hazard. However, no permanent solution was available at that time.

As electric cars are gaining popularity, the risk of them catching fire reasons is still the same. Ford has admitted to being aware of several such cases in Europe where Kuga has caught fire. This recall would cost Ford and its battery supplier a fortune, so it’s heartening to see the carmaker handle it by treating human life as their top priority.

Source: Ford Authority

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