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GM Reassigns its Corvette Engineering Team to Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

General Motors has reportedly reassigned its best team of engineers behind the C8 Corvette to create electric and autonomous vehicles, according to reports.

GM is moving some of the engineers from Corvette engineering wheelhouse to its Autonomous and Electric Vehicles development team. Ken Morris, who has worked as GM’s vice president of product integrity between April 2014 and April 2018, and vice president of its global product programs between April 2018 and November 2019, will be in charge.

In a statement, Morris said, “General Motors is committed to an all-electric future. I’m excited to be putting the team that redefined supercar performance, design, and attainability in key roles to help us integrate and execute our EVs to those same high standards.”

Under the new arrangement, Tadge Juechter, executive chief engineer of Corvette, will be holding the same position in the new team, while Ed Piatek, chief engineer of Corvette, will be assuming the new role of chief engineer of future products. Piatek will be replaced by Josh Holder.

The American automaker is working on some exciting projects and wants to employ its best engineers where it matters most. So now, the AV/EV team will be closely working on projects such as the Cadillac Lyriq crossover, GMC Hummer Ev pickup, and SUV and, of course, its Cruise Origin robotaxi project.

According to GM, the company is going to invest $20 billion in electric vehicles and autonomous technology until 2025, which clearly explains the motive behind the rearrangement process.

GM has some interesting electric vehicle projects up its sleeves that are lined up for the upcoming years. For example, GMC Hummer EV is expected to release in 2021, Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV will be out in 2022, and Chevy Bolt EUV will be coming up next year.

“This move makes sense given that at least two Corvette C8 variants – E-Ray and Zora – will be electrified,” Alex Luft, executive editor, GM Authority, explains. “Work on the ICE-powered C8 variants is beginning to near completion as the development of the E-Ray and Zora is starting, necessitating more of GM’s EV engineering talent.”


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