HexHog Off-Road Wheelchair

HexHog Wheelchair Provides Off-Road Capability for the Handicapped

The HexHog, legally an all-terrain vehicle and not a standard electric wheelchair, released after 5 years of engineering and testing over uneven areas of North Wales, UK. “You can’t take the HexHog into supermarkets, but you can cross moorland, farmland, or even peat bogs,” explains Sion Pierce, a mechanical engineer from Nantglyn, near Denbigh. He claims that there are numerous ATVs in the market but you will not find one like this. He describes his HexHog as “a quad bike on the outside and a wheelchair on the inside”. He mentioned that he was “inspired by a student’s brother who felt left out when everyone was helping on the farm due to limitations of his wheelchair.

The HexHog is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and it can be driven on six-wheels freely as it is sealed with 2 pancake engines. It also has a joystick control in which sensitivity can be adapted according to the user. The battery range is between 8 to 12 miles depending on the terrain, and a full charge should not take more than 2.5 hours from a normal 13A socket. It only weighs 275kgs and it’s 4ft wide.

It can be controlled remotely and has a really compact turning radius. The HexHog can handle obstacles like hilly region, rocks, uneven roads, and can climb stairs too due to a rally type seat and a 4 point harness keeping the driver safe and upright at all times.

It uses two 36v motors sending power to all of the 6 wheels via low maintenance gearboxes and driveshafts. Though the forward speed is limited to 8.5mph, it can be adjusted or modified. The vehicle is made up of off-shell components and all these features obviously come with a price tag of £18,000 to £25,000 (around US$30,200 to $42,000), depending on the variant.

Not for every budget but still pretty damn cool!

Source: HexHog

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