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September, 2019

  • 16 September

    How Does A Heads-Up Display (HUD) Work?

    heads-up display with speed and traffic information

    Every new car model that comes out today seems to have either bigger displays inside, or more of them altogether. The reason is simple – people become increasingly more dependent on their apps and services. On top of that, these screens can be used to display essential driving information. Things …

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  • 13 September

    Why You Should Invest in A Battery Jump Starter

    As a driver and car owner, you are very likely to have a flat car battery at some point. In most cases, this will happen when you need your car the most. Being stuck in a car that is unable to start because of a dead battery is not only …

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  • 9 September

    27 Road Trip Essentials: From Snacks To Songs (including free PDF checklist) 

    At a time when the #vanlife culture is massively regaining in popularity on social media like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s only natural to feel the pressing need to go on an adventure, get out of our comfort zone for a while and just leave on a road trip with your …

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  • 3 September

    Checking and Cleaning – A Guide to A Detailed Tuneup

    automotive tuneup

    In previous article, we have covered a basic tuneup procedure, explaining what needs to be done to keep your engine in good shape. While these steps are great as a general preventive maintenance, there are additional things you can do to make your car run even better. Fuel Trims When …

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August, 2019

  • 30 August

    The Porsche 968: End of an Era

    The Porsche 968 represents the last of a powerful generation of front-engine transaxle sports cars made by Porsche. The Porsche 968 had all the best elements of the fabled Porsche 944 even if production numbers don’t show that. Despite offering the perfect balance of speed and handling, the vehicle saw …

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  • 26 August

    How to Use An Automotive Test Light

    test light

    An electrical system in modern day car has many components and are complex in general, so tracking down issues within it can be a hard task. Still, you can check most components with a simple test light. This is a tool used for performing electrical power and grounding testing before …

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  • 23 August

    Detailed Tuneup Procedures

    car tune up process

    Previous articles have covered the most common tuneup procedures, and some more advanced. However, there are several car components mechanics tend to overlook during a tuneup. In this article, we will go over some detailed tuneup procedures. What Is an O2 Sensor? The job of O2 or oxygen sensors is …

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  • 19 August

    Should I Tint My Car Windows?

    Have you seen how sleek cars with tinted windows look and are now considering tinting windows on your own car? Window tint is an easy and fairly inexpensive way of adding privacy and making your car look sharper. While window tint isn’t permanent, it does make a significant difference when …

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  • 14 August

    Infographic | How To Read Car Wiring Diagrams For Beginners

    Infographic - How to read car wiring diagrams 101

    Electrical problems are every mechanic’s bread and butter. Most people don’t know much about automotive electrical wiring diagrams found in repair manuals and how they work or at least not enough to be able to fix the problems themselves. Because of that, car owners have to bring their car to …

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  • 14 August

    What Does A Performance Exhaust Do?

    performance exhaust tips

    It seems that car enthusiasts have an instant desire to upgrade their exhaust system after buying a car. Even if that means changing only the back tips for added style. This obsession with performance exhausts dates back from the first days of automotive racing. Wide tubes emerging from the engine …

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