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February, 2020

  • 27 February

    Best Pickup Truck: Which One Is The Best Of Them All?

    Pickup truck on a mountain

    Did you know that pickup trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in the US for decades? Although cars like the Toyota Camry or various popular crossovers sell great, they’re not even close to the top three positions. Ford, GM, and Dodge together sell over two million of their full-size pickup …

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  • 22 February

    Blown Head Gasket: Most Common Causes And Symptoms

    Are you having some weird issues with the engine in your car that may seem like a blown head gasket related problem? If it’s the case, it’s very likely that you’ll first Google it or talk to other car enthusiasts. If so, you’ll probably learn that there are several telltale …

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  • 18 February

    Car Heater: A Beginner’s Guide

    A car heater is an important feature of your vehicle that often gets taken for granted. While it isn’t an essential component, dealing with a broken heating system is a major hassle. When it’s warm outside and you don’t need to use it, it isn’t much of a problem. But …

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  • 10 February

    What is a Head Gasket?

    Automotive head gasket

    When talking about engines and cars in general, have you ever come across a car part called a head gasket? Besides having a name that suggests importance, it is also a part of many discussions regarding engine operation. You have probably heard about some of the various engine related issues …

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  • 4 February

    When Not to Use Cruise Control

    Man dri

    If you currently use or have considered using your vehicle’s cruise control function, you need to know when to and when not to use it. While this feature can certainly be useful at times, it can quickly lead to a disaster if incorrectly used. To keep you and your passengers …

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  • 1 February

    Paul Walker’s Reaches Over $2.3 million at an Auction

    Paul Walker is one of the most famous persons in the automotive world – petrolheads around the world are still grieving for his premature death. Starring in the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul made cars cool again. Thanks to his contribution, new car culture was born. People started tuning their …

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January, 2020

  • 28 January

    How To Use The Cruise Control System 

    Cruise control switch

    You’ve likely noticed a cruise control button in your car before, but do you know what it does and how to use it? Many drivers don’t use this function because they simply don’t understand it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you should never use something you’re not familiar …

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  • 25 January

    Car Bluetooth Not Working & How To Fix It

    Car Bluetooth Not Working

    Have you ever had a situation where the Bluetooth feature in your car stopped working for no clear reason? When that happens, you can’t pair up your smartphone with the car’s stereo system and use the features that come with it. This can be quite frustrating, especially if your daily …

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  • 21 January

    Adaptive Cruise Control: What is it and How Does it Work

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    You’re likely familiar with cruise control systems, but have you ever heard of adaptive cruise control? This is another automated safety feature that makes driving easier and safer. It’s an interesting feature for anyone using cruise control regularly and those enjoying long road trips. In this article, we will outline …

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  • 17 January

    How to Easily Connect a Car Bluetooth

    Have you ever wondered what is Bluetooth connectivity that many new cars have, and how does this piece of technology work? This cool feature lets you connect your smartphone to your car and integrate them straight into the infotainment system. It is simple to use, as it doesn’t need any …

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