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Honda-Acura App Offers Insurance Discounts To Drivers Who Share Data

The new in-app feature grades your drive patterns in exchange for monetary incentives.

Honda and Acura have launched a new feature that will grade drive patterns and may reward the drivers who share their data with them. For every trip you make, the feature will automatically record factors such as distance traveled, duration, speed regulations, braking, acceleration, etc. to create and score your driving pattern.

The app will be compatible with most 2019 and 2020 Honda and Acura variants and will share data from cars and owners who have agreed upon the Verisk Data Exchange program.

According to Verisk, an American data analytics and risk assessment firm based in Jersey City, New Jersey, gentle driving and braking patterns minimize accident risks. Higher speed driving, as well as timelines of commute, draws out further criteria, determining how well-informed and rules-following driver you are.

“Data from consenting Honda drivers will be available across Verisk’s portfolio of telematics products, expanding the reach of Verisk Data Exchange and helping our insurer customers launch or scale-up their UBI programs,” – Karthik Balakrishnan, chief technology officer at Verisk.

After the completion of a 15-week scoring, the app informs the users via message if they are entitled to a discount, and, if not, it will draw out the mistakes and display the areas the driver lags behind along with recommendations on how to improve their score.

After that, the users will receive a weekly scorecard, which will summarize their score. However, safe driving will always be a key factor. As the user’s driving pattern improves and becomes more consistent, the score will go up accordingly. A score of 50 or higher is labeled as “great driving,” thus increasing your chances to land better insurance deals.

Honda assures that subscribing to the program is not mandatory and that no personal data sharing is involved. However, such a system is never totally safe from data theft.

Regarding road safety, they do have a point. No doubt about it. Nevertheless, with your privacy at stake, would you still be willing to give access?

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