Honda E electric vehicle

Honda E Electric Vehicle is A Stylish Hatchback Getting Rave Reviews

The Honda E Electric is one of the most innovative hatchbacks created with the promise of a sustainable future which the automobile industry has already embarked upon. It has absolutely created a new range of cars in itself. Some have even termed it as “small premium.” Nonetheless, it has raised a few flags regarding its specifications.

The total sales volume of Honda E is expected to increase gradually from 20,000 to about 25,000 annually. The Japanese manufacturer is expecting the majority of the sales to come from their homeland. Unfortunately, they haven’t released any plans to start distributing the vehicle in the United States. However, Honda intends to sell around 1,500 units in Europe as it has tremendous faith in the product and expecting the numbers to rise to about 4,000 units by the year 2020.

Honda E electric vehicle

One of the most amazing features this vehicle has to offer is its wide array of data and information all over the dashboard. It’s truly one of a kind. It is so expansive that it fills up the whole dashboard.

Now here’s the catch. Independent analysts noticed that certain specs seem to be a bit weird. For example, the official battery range is claimed o be around 125 miles. However, it was observed that with 97% of charge, it could go for 106 miles only. The maths simply don’t add up. Furthermore, if you compare the Honda E to other electric vehicles in the same price range, you’ll quickly see that the Renault’s Zoe, for example, has a battery range of about 240 miles, a difference that is not negligible.

Honda E electric vehicle interior

Another deterring factor of this model is that, when compared to competitors, it’s also significantly more expensive. In Great Britain, the Honda E Premium costs around £29,160, which is approximately $37,100. It’s as if Honda were not aware that there are better cars at better prices with better features. Why overlook the obvious? Even cars like the Volkswagen e-Up and such have so much more to offer within the same price bracket.

Even though the Honda E is a real beauty and is offering tons of exciting features, competitors still have the potential to bleed them off dry when it comes to the sales price. There was much anticipation for this model, but it has not really sunk in well after its release since a lot of details were concealed from the beginning. Sure the Honda E looks diabolic in nature and seems fantastic to drive; however, it is quite the groundbreaker when it comes to electric vehicles, and its future looks really promising…

… As long as Honda fixes some of its initial drawbacks.

Source: Forbes

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