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Honda Registers the ‘Trailsport’ Nameplate: Will Honda Go Off-Road?

Honda seems to be planning something huge for the adventure enthusiasts who love to drive off the beaten paths.

We all know that Honda is known to deliver high technology features enclosed in world-class designs that are both aesthetic and comfortable. The body-on-frame off-road crossover segment is becoming popular nowadays with the new Ford Bronco and the segment-leader Jeep Wrangler. And from the look of it, Honda seems to be all set to get their tires dirty too. As Carbuzz discovered, the Japanese manufacturer has just registered the nameplate ‘Trailsport.’ The application was filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 18th, 2020. As per July 27th, the application is accepted and is waiting for examination.

As per the filing, the trademark for ‘Trailsport’ covers the “category of automobiles and automobile structural parts.” This is a crucial point in the application for the patent, signifying that Honda will use the name to manufacture vehicles, most probably for off-road applications and components like generators and snow blowers.

When compared with competitors like the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, and Toyota 4Runner, current Hond SUVs are simply not up to par. Vehicles designed at Honda are technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and at least as well-built as other cars in the same segment. Yet, nothing really built for rough terrain with varied environmental conditions. We can then safely assume that Honda’s patent registration of the ‘Trailsport’ may be a chance taken by Honda to enter the new off-road segment.

As per the current status, the Honda Passport is the most rugged SUV the brand has designed and owned. It was awarded “2019 Best Mid-size Two-row SUV” by Car and Driver. The Passport was built on the architecture of the Isuzu Rodeo, which is still known for its incredible off-road capability.

Thus, it is rumored that Honda will add a trim to the Passport series, termed as ‘Trailsport’. The Passport’s chassis is similar to the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck, making the Ridgeline a suitable candidate to be a recipient of the ‘Tailsport’ badge on its side strip and tailgate, as well. Other candidates for the ‘Trailsport’ badge are subcompact HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot. Similar to the Ridgeline and Passport, these three vehicles use traverse powertrain configuration along with an available AWD option. The addition of underbody protection, all-terrain tires, ground clearance, and robust suspension makes these vehicles good to go as off-road crossovers.

On the other hand, there are rumors that Honda is not planning to add any power-filled SUV or anything like that. Although, the addition of ‘Trailsport’ as a trim to the existing line of vehicle is a high possibility. Still, this would allow adventure seekers to get what they want: an off-road crossover along with technological aspects of the base vehicle.

However, all of these are just assumptions of what Honda might have in mind to justify the filing of the ‘Trailsport’ nameplate, as Honda has not released an official statement regarding their plans and motives yet.

Source: Carbuzz

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