How To Select A Great Car Care Tool Kit And Why Quality Matters

Having a car tool kit is an absolute necessity. We all know there’s a whole lot more to owning a car, truck or motorcycle than just checking the oil and hoping for the best. The people who do that are usually the same ones you see broke down on the side of the road or buying yet another car.

Our vehicles are an investment that we all need to watch over, maintain and take care of when they need it. Sure we have breakdown cover with our insurance company. But when we use it we end up getting shafted by our insurance company, protected no claims or not, come renewal time. This is a fact. Our premiums go up a lot more than a decent tool kit would have cost, that’s for sure.

Many times if you have a slight problem and your even average at being handy you can solve the problem and be right back on the road with a well thought out automotive tool kit.

No need to start looking on the trader, craigslist, gumtree, etc. You were prepared and took care of the problem yourself without needing to call for a tow and a fix at your local garage.

These and many more reasons are why we strongly suggest that you get a really good tool kit for your car.

Why Quality Matters When Buying Your Automotive Tool Kit.

There are so many reasons why tool quality matters that I could write a book, but here are just a couple.

1. Picture this:

you’re on a road between towns and you have a car issue. You stop, assess the issue and know the answer. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife asks if you really think you can do it. You smile and say “I’ve got this”.

You’re working and nearly done. It’s gone even better and faster than expected. Then, your tool snaps and you slice two of your fingers to the bone. That’s not farfetched and you know it. When you have a really good push going on a socket wrench and it breaks and your hand slashes or crashes against sharp car parts you’ll be lucky to only just cut your fingers.

Now because your tools were rubbish that you thought you got for a song, you’re bleeding, have to call for a tow, need medical attention and you lost big face in the embarrassment of it all. If you think this scenario stinks then you’re right, because it does. But that’s what cheap tools will get you.

2. You buy a cheap tool set that lacks quality

Then every year you have to replace a few tools in the kit so that every 3-4 years you basically bought a new kit. You lost your money, you lost the time to go shop for them and maybe you didn’t get to finish the job either.

If you were to buy a super high quality set first time around, you are likely to have it till you’re 90. In fact i guarantee you will be loaning it to your grandchild that loves cars too. He is always over at your place and you enjoy working on cars together and teaching him all of your years of knowledge.

The above reasons are not exhaustive by any means, but they should illustrate the point. Quality tools speak for themselves.

How To Select A Good Tool Kit To Care For All Your Vehicles

The very first thing you need to do is to determine what kind of work you are wanting to do yourself and what you would take your car to your local mechanic for.

This will be one of the best indicators of the tool kit you need.

If you plan on doing quite a bit of the work yourself then it’s strongly advisable to have a large tool chest in your garage at home and a road worthy tool kit kept in your car at all times.

Your home tool chest is one that you’ll be adding to all of the time. It’s simply the way it works. You see you need to do a new job that you’ve never done before. Go Here To Download A Manual For Your Car. But, you also see that you need a new tool to do that particular job and off you go to get it.

Your in car tool kit is one where you’re going to at least want all the basics such as; a hammer, a good socket set, a wrench set, both phillips and flat-head screwdrivers with one long and one short of each. A few rags, a pop-up reflector sign to warn other drivers, a whistle (very few things can be heard for longer distances if you’re in trouble) and various other sundries. A few of which are; jumper cables or jump-starter pack, a jack and star wrench, tyre pressure gauge, duct tape and a first aid kit.

As for the actual tools mentioned above a hammer with a composite handle will do. Screwdrivers rarely fail. However, for your socket, wrench set and other tools I would have to suggest the Snap-On brand. They are known the world over for reliability. Many of their tools come with a lifetime warranty. If you want something mid-range then tools from the likes of Clarke, Teng and Draper are also known to be very good.

Think of your tools as being an investment. The best tools give you the best return on investment over time.

Having an automotive tool kit in your car and at home is one of those investments that you will simply pay more for later if you don’t make it now. Shop wisely and get the right tools for your needs, but don’t skimp.

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