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Hyundai Launches its Smallest EV Yet!

Unfortunately, this Hyundai is for kids only.

Yes! Hyundai’s latest EV is a ‘kinetic cube lamp’ single-seater ride for kids, based out on Hyundai 45 Concept we saw at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Hyundai released a video of building the car, along with teaser photos. The video demonstrates the design and construction process, just like in a full-size vehicle. And it looks stunning; truly showcasing the imaginative horizon of the design team at Hyundai.

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An angular and minimalistic body gets paired with a performance-blue matte looking paint job and sporty orange accents. The front facia looks exactly like the 45 Concept, and the front grille also includes similar LED headlights. The same idea is used at the rear, with taillights looking much like its bigger brother.

Hyundai's EV for Kids

Inside, a comfortable and sporty central seat gives next-gen drivers access to the motorsport-inspired steering wheel, start/stop button, and what appears to be an LED console connected to cameras.

For propulsion, the car uses two DC motors delivering a top speed of 4.3mph! It doesn’t sound like much, but it will blow your young one’s mind. Still no word on the range, though.

Hyundai’s full-sized Ioniq5 EV should roll out next year, gradually including models such as Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7 year-after-year.

Hyundai’s latest Ev kinda makes you miss childhood, doesn’t it? I’d sure like to be 6 years old again and be riding one of these!


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