Hyundai flying car at CES 2020

Hyundai Motor to Accelerate Development of Flying Cars

The Korean carmaker works on a new project to bring electric flying cars closer to reality.

Hyundai started a project with Incheon International Airport Corp. (IIAC), Hyundai Engineering & Construction CO., and KT Corp. to quicken the momentum of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) development and organize Test Flights.

The companies signed a memorandum of understanding on September 18, aspiring to commercialize UAM by 2028 successfully. Hyundai showcased its first flying car eVTOL concept at the CES® 2020 tech event.

Earlier in June, the Korean Govt. publicized its Korean UAM Roadmap, outlining criterion companies need to meet to commercialize UAM.

Hyundai and its partners will coordinate with the roadmap, including the Korean UAM Grand Challenge — a joint public-private examination over the construction and operation of vertiports (airports for UAMs).

Hyundai will also direct efforts to develop and secure the UAM Business. Meanwhile, IIAC will start establishing the infrastructure and research feasibility of using the UAM as airport shuttles. Hyundai Construction will handle the construction of the vertiports and the transit hub connecting UAM to public transportation services. Finally, KT Corp. will head the communication framework and generate business cases for UAM as mobile serviceability.

Moreover, the partnership will enable the companies to share R&D intelligence and jointly conduct test flights.

The development of a UAM vehicle is only the first step, though. Successfully commercializing the concept will be a much more significant hurdle, explaining the need for a partnership working to create a sustainable ecosystem.

“The breadth and depth of this partnership show what it will take to build a comprehensive UAM ecosystem to serve megacities like Seoul,” said Jaiwon Shin, division boss at Hyundai Motor Urban Air Mobility.

Source: Hyundai

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